Vastu shastra & the universe

United States of America: The USA is the most powerful state in the world from 40th decade, the USA is length to the west from the east and the east side is more spreaded than west side specially the north- east side or north-east Corner. As per Vastu Shastra the north-east too will be spreaded. The Atlantic Ocean in the east side of America the source of water in the east is auspicious. The Pacific Ocean is located in the west, which is very misfortune. There are many spreading lakes in the north-east quarter of the USA which are very auspicious because of Vastu Shastra it is the best sign to have water in the north-east Corner. The Mexico gulf is located in the south-east Corner in comparison with north-east Corner water, as a result, in that region specially in the whole region of Huston, New Orleans, Mobil, Montgomery, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Florida natural calamity will increase gradually, at the same time divorce, polygamy, propensity of offences, poverty cannot be omitted. It is assumed at the geographical location of the country that many lives will be destroyed happening severe natural calamity abruptly. There are hills in west side of America, which are located in the west, the inauspicious influence of the Pacific Ocean has somewhat eliminated. The capital of America, Washington, is situated in the east which is very auspicious. New York is situated in the north-east Corner from the capital and the sea is located in the east of New York and north-east Corner, as a result, New York has got more developed in comparison with other cities of the USA. Almost all important government offices of the USA are located in the east corner of New York. Central park is situated in the north-east i.e. in north-east quarter. The World Trade Center was situated in the north-east CORNER of the said largest city. It is absolutely contrary to Vastu Shastra to keep high and heavy establishments in the north-east CORNER
As a result, terrorist attacks were taken place for some times in the World Trade Centre possibly since 1992and at last in September, 2001 A.D. it has been absolutely destroyed by inhuman terrorist attack and many people had died and severe monetary loss had incurred. If any such sky-scraper building is constructed again in the said spot or in the north-east Corner then that will be the reason of severe destruction. Similarly, attaining the leading position of science and technology America should rectify each and every city and the whole country as per Vastu Shastra. For this, nothing will be broken. If only some accurate materials are kept in the accurate dimension and angle at the auspicious moment, day and planet the country will be able to save itself from severe destruction. That the location from which NASA used to throw up rocket so that the place should be 100% innocent. Only then accident may be prevented, similarly the mission will be able to gain a success. Because probable welfare, union and the gratification of happiness are gained through abiding Vastu laws. As the attraction grows up of the man to his house so to follow Vastu Shastra the man, the State gain juice and strength of life provided we don’t ail in the five elemental staying of the creation.
(Bengali Version of the above four countries from Vastu Shahara Book part-1
Written by Raj Jatak Dr. Hasan Kabir has been translated into English).