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Canada: Length towards west from east. West and north-west side that means north-west Corner is comparatively more extended than east side. Although there is the location of Pacific Ocean in the west side of Canada the sea effects has somewhat banished as there are hills in the west. The Hudson gulf is situated in the north east side of Canada. Labrador Sea and Atlantic Ocean are in the north-east Corner. The sea in the north side is very auspicious and best. The presence of lake in the north-west side from Ottawa is medium auspicious.
Huron Lake, Ontario Lake, Michigan Lake, Superior Lake in the south-west side from Ottawa is very inauspicious. Because there should not be any ditch and source of water in the south-west side or the south-west quarter or corner. If we find the map of Canada then it will be found that Hudson Gulf, Labrador Sea, Atlantic Ocean of north-east CORNER from Ottawa are located in the remotest place of north sea or lake. As a result, Canada is being more influenced by the bad influence of fifth lake. As result, the development of Canada, as it is expected, is being hampered. Saint Laurence gulf is located in the north –east that means in the north east corner from Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Rimusky as a result, those cities have become more developed firstly than any other cities of Canada. As the seas are situated in the north-east CORNER and in the east so the attraction of almost all citizen of the would will ever be present for Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. But as New Found Land Island is located in the north-east corner of Saint Laurence gulf so there is the possibility of being attacked by alien and the sudden raiyat revolt in the country. The lost of lives and destruction of assets due to natural calamity and terrorist attacking cannot be avoided at any cost. As the different lakes being located in the north-west side that means in north-west CORNER of Ottawa the policy of public administration of the citizen of the country is very desirable. But as being the location of lake in the CENTER of the country it indicates the misfortune. Although in present time the relationship with other countries are favorable. If any heavy and high rise building be exist in the north-east and south-east CORNER there will be concern of trouble. In the circumstances, in view of different geographical location the right rectification of Vastu can bring Canada the most proud nation in the world as because the geographical infrastructure of Canada indicates the same. 
(Bengali Version of the above four countries from Vastu Shahara 
Book part-1
Written by Raj Jatak Dr. Hasan Kabir has been translated into English).