Vastu shastra & the universe

Bangladesh: The east and north side of our country are high from the capital Dhaka Centre point. According to Vastu Shastra the east and north side should be comparatively low in comparison with other sides and angle. High through hills. The sea locates in the south of the country but as per Vastu Shastra there will be no water. Again, in the south-east side there locates the sea which is misfortune for the whole nation. As a result, riots, affrays, secret murders. Political instability and unhappiness are prevailing in house-to-house may be it will continue forever unless the Country is not corrected according to Vastu Shastra SYSTEM.
Let us see again that in the north-east side that means in the north-east Corner the greater Sylhet district is situated. The north-east Corner is the sign of wealth and prosperity quarter. Very holy place possibly Hazrat Shahjalal (R) preferred the scared place for propagating Islam. Most of the inhabitants of Sylhet are well to-do community and the firm relationship remained in one another. There is no sea in the south side of the greater Sylhet; there are every possibilities of increasing prosperity gradually of the said district. Let us see again in the south-east Corner where Cox’s Bazar district is situated. According to Vastu Shastra the south–east Corner has great importance. There shall not be the source of water in the said side. The innocent south-east quarter is the indicator of health, prosperity and happy conjugal life. If we try to know about Cox’s Bazar district we will find polygamy, poverty and offences over there. The influence of it will exist in Ukhia, Teknaf, Ramu, and Chokoria region. According to Vastu Shastra if the whole country be rectified including the officer of the head of state if the residence becomes as per Vastu Shastra then the whole prosperity of the country and 150 million people are not impossible.