What is Horoscope?

The definition of "Horoscope" is "An Astrologer's Diagram of relative Positions of Planets & Stars".
In Greek, "Horos" means "Hour" & "Scope" means "To See" & "To Understand”. Horoscopes in particular is well calculated & arrived at, individually, for us mortals, by the CREATOR, righteously & without any prejudice whatsoever, just in accordance with our good & bad deeds [Karma] and the resultant blessings or hardships [Phala] in the previous & present life of the person & his elders. The Creator fixed & determined each person's life according to his destiny &past life. Every Life (i.e., horoscope) has some kind of a problem along with a solution attached. An old Urdu saying goes like this... -"Dard Deta Hai Tho Davaa Bhi Data Hai"which means that -"He (The Creator) who gives us pain will give the medicine as well." Such solutions for any horoscope can be calculated by astrologers who are well versed with the art of Horoscope Reading. The astrologers read the position of various planets & analyze their influence over the person & sort out the most favorable planet and the corresponding Gems, Amulets for the person to increase his strength & to weaken the power of the negative planets drastically. This is called GEM & Alternative THERAPY. Only for this purpose, i.e., to know how the person will live & the disasters & distresses he may face in the future; the learned scholars of astrology have prescribed making & studying the Planetary Diagram (The Horoscope) to ward off all evil & to overcome all difficulties. The Horoscope of a particular person is a calculation of the various planetary positions on the day of his birth, at a particular time & at a particular place of his birth. At the time of birth, on the day of birth, the exact astrological position of the planets in the solar system can be located at a particular place. The lagna (i.e., the ascendant) is the person himself & is the position of the Earth. The strength & weakness, the luck & misfortune, the benefits & losses of the lagna, i.e., the person, depend upon the position of the other planets which influence the Lagna. For example, if a person is born in Aries Ascendant, then, the planets Sun, Mars& Jupiter will influence him a lot in a positive way. The planets Venus, Moon & Saturn will influence him only to a certain extent in a positive way. The Planet Mercury will have a very bad influence on this particular Lagna. The effect of planets will change depending on the time the person is born because the ascendant (Lagna) will also change. That is the reason why I require the correct time of the day along with the Date & Place of Birth to make more accurate calculations. Astrologers analyze a person's horoscope accurately, anticipates the calamities& problems. Any misfortunes to-come in future will be to relieved by the use of GEM Stone & Amulet as treatment for the present & as precaution for the future. The use of GEMS and amulet as treatment for various problems has given wonderful results to my clients who have worn Gems & Amulet selected by me. Any kind of problem can be solved by the correct use of GEMS. Amulet”A problem is not a problem if there is no solution for it."& gems, amulet are the perfect solution, provided the Correct Gem and amulet is selected by perfect analysis & the Gem Selector has to prove his worth in analyzing a Horoscope. RAJESHSHORI Jyotisalaya has analyzed more than 1,000 horoscopes to solve problems of many an individual successfully.
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