Vastushastra & scientific attitude

In this writing this will be explained that Vastu Shastra is entirely scientific. Besides, ‘direction’ and ‘solar power’ how the construction of house is dependent upon vibration of cosmic ray according to Vastu Shastra has also been explained here. Our ancient Muslim learned stalwarts are father of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is their transcendental inferential knowledge and inner perception power. Muslim wise men were not unaware about sophisticated influence of cosmic ray on human beings and structure. They achieved this power of knowing the mysterious perception of the world by their ascetic practice. Western world believed before Newton that there is any other power which is temporary and created by human being or nature. Sacred Quaran cut this idea first. Newton named this worldly power to be gravitation. Though Newton discovered theory of law of gravitation in the seventeenth century and astonished the world, yet this is a matter of surprise that before many years of Newton’s discovery this was written in Quaran that the world has its own attraction power. It attracts any of the matter towards her.
Modern western mathematics is indebted to Muslim mathematics endlessly. From the invention of Zero to Point are the competencies of the Muslim mathematicians. In many Arabic books ‘Circular Theory’ has been stated.
Gravitation is not the only power in the world. The scientists have discovered many magnetic and electro-magnetic powers. According to them numerous vibration are active in the world. It has been observed from the recent research that the origin of this cosmic ray is one and undivided. Cosmic power being originated and radiated from the single origin has been expanded throughout the world. Though the Muslim learned persons were aware of this action and reaction of cosmic power on the world, but the thing was disseminated first by a German scientist Dr. Armez Hartman. Dr. Hartman discovered a cluster of ray lying net made of wire on the body of the world. This ray having positive and negative container are being radiated perpendicularly from the land, i.e. like radio active wall. Density of each of them is 21 centimeter. These rays are radiated having difference of 2 meter distance from the north to south. There are surprising similarities of this cosmic ray with the Pyramid of Chepo in Egypt. Dr. Armez Hartman discovered more that the ray comes out from the earth cross each other. This crossing point may create serious harmful influence on the body of the human being. In some case the crossing point of ‘Hartman Network’ may be the cause of long lasting diseases. Besides other environmental influence (physical and environmental etc.) there is detailed description of this earth surrounding power that comes out of the world in Vastu Shastra.
Our lives are dependent upon five power of the nature. These are: radiation of the sun, world magnetic area, gravitation, motion of the air and cosmic power.
Solar ray is the electro magnetic radiation. The expansion of this radiation is wide, from cosmic ray to radio wave. A very little part of the solar ray we can see in general open eye and this is of white color, behind of which there are seven colors of rainbow (VIBGYOR). These colors are violet, blue, sky-blue, yellow, orange and red. In fact the colors are remaining in violet to red. If the ray becomes more powerful than violet then it is called ultraviolet. When it is more than the red then it is called infrared. Infrared is very much necessary in human life. With the help of this ray it is possible to remove disease like paralysis, pain in muscle, and many others. On the other hand ultraviolet ray is harmful to body of the human being. Due to this ultraviolet ray different diseases causing from gene are created and at the same time it creates skin diseases. There is detailed description on solar ray in the Ayurveda. We know that in order to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet ray while taking photo ultraviolet filter is used.
The main objective of the Vastu Shastra is how to save human life from the harmful effect of the ultraviolet ray and get benefit of the infrared. So that houses to be constructed in such way that the ultraviolet ray can not enter, rather there are ways to enter the infrared and get benefit from the same. Since the infrared ray comes from north east, so in the Vastu Shastra, it has been advised to keep the north east region more open. Ultraviolet ray comes mostly from south west and so advised to keep the south west side less opened.
We know that the world is itself a large magnet. The characteristic of the magnet is that if it is divided in to thousand of parts then each of the part will be a magnet and it contains the magnetic characteristics. Accordingly if the world is divided into thousands of pieces then each of the part will contain magnetic characteristics. So, either it is a large area of land or it is a small plot the characteristics of the magnet will remain.
Continuously power is being radiated in own wave of each material of the world. Not only from the hard, liquid or gas, but from each molecule, thread and cell also radiate power. Positive power is radiated from the material and from some it is negative power. The materials those radiate positive powers become beneficial and the materials which radiate negative power become harmful. There are guidelines in the Vastu Shastra as to how negative power radiated from the materials can be resisted and this is called Vastukala. A number of materials surrounding us are with the power of positive and some of the materials are with negative power. I have told before those materials with negative power are harmful. So materials with negative power should be avoided. Example of positive power materials are brass, crystal, china clay, ceramic, a number of stones, concrete, timber, trees etc. and the negative materials are iron, acrylic, polythene, nylon, PVC, synthetic vinyl, granite etc. These negative power materials should be avoided. Materials with positive power are beneficial to human beings in all phases. Negative power creates serotonin and histamine in human body for which human being becomes prey of the disease and due to loss of life force frustration is created.
While making design of house it is essential to think motion of air, because motion and direction of air depend on longitude and latitude of the sun. So the motion of air from Cherapunji and motion of air from Sahara desert are not same. Motion of air from Cherapunji is much more since it is near the sea beach and at the same time rain is also high. Due to this reason roofs of houses in Cherapunji are made sloping and just the opposite of Sahara region, where the roofs are made even.
Solar ray we get throughout the day, not in the night. But cosmic ray flows throughout the day and night always. This cosmic ray can not be seen in open eye. This cosmic ray may be used for the well-being of the human being uniting the same with the Vastu planning. It is interesting that the way of getting relief from all adversities has also been defined in the Vastu- Shastra. This way can be found through experienced Vastu expert. Vastu is not specific construction system of any particular country, it is modern and scientific.
Nevertheless, Vastu Shastra is the combination of industry/art, science, astronomy, astrology and inorganic perception power. Vastu Shastra is the subject of other influencing factors on human being such as, environment, heat, air pressure, air motion and direction, sun light, moisture, radio-activity, time, space and residence. This power has been termed as “Mohabhut” in Hindu scriptures. This vibration and five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) are responsible for cosmic action and reaction. The aim of Vastu Shastra is to use all these for the welfare of the human being.