Vastu rule for multistoried building

Upper floor height will be less height than the ground floor. Doors of the upper floor should not be at the same place of the lower floor door. There should be a little difference in case of all floors
Living in high place enables easy and much movement of air and light. The extent of height is much the pollution is low and intensity of cosmic energy will be high Land surface of multistoried building will be four to six feet high. If the land surface is low then negative materials of the soil those will radiate positive power will easily come. But if the height of the land level becomes high power of negative influence will be low. Without changing main structure of the multistoried building positive material, such as ceramic, timber, concrete, stone, crystal, brass if increasingly used then it will be good for the residents of the flat. Because all these are negative and these are harmful. Negative material creates serotonin and histamine in the human body and increases anxiety, frustration and disease.
So it is auspicious to use natural things. Due to this white wash and distemper is good. These materials are able to absorb air and purify the same.
Negative power will be less as much as upper from the fifth floor to rise.
Slope will have to increase towards north-west at the end of south-west, but a comparatively more slope will remain at the north-east corner.
It has been stated before that height of the main entrance door will be more than the main gate
South-west side of the flat will remain closed and north east side will remain open.
Plastering of the slab, beam, and column part will be thick while construction of multistoried building and this will decrease magnetic power.
Roof at the last of the multistoried building should be kept low for good result and this will not allow deposition of water on the roof. Solar ray does not fall straight, falls slightly bending and roof becomes less heated.
In an auspicious time with influence of planet and stars and on a auspicious day, being sacred and clean, wearing new dresses Muslim community people will enter the new room/house after reciting Quaran. Hindu community people after completion Vastu worship and then after doing Swastayan of Panchanga and Astanga Swastayan will enter and this is the best for them.
This work can be one by the Brahman Astrologer as they are experienced and successful, the Brahman of worship does different types of worship and for this some times they become a little nervous, yet this should get done by the person whom you like best.
Muslim community people will write Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim at the upper side of the entrance door and at the inside they will write Ayatul Kursi or other religious verses and religious followers will write according to instruction of their own religion or will place well-being symbol.
But sleeping must not be held at the north-east and not even through door direction.