Vastu direction philosophy

During the modern period there is scarcity of land and construction of big houses is almost impossible. It is even fruitless to imagine of the house containing sixteen rooms. If sixteen-room house construction is not possible then it may be of nine rooms, seven rooms, five rooms. Even if it is not possible then house three rooms may be constructed and it will not be bad. In this perspective and inconsideration of modern necessity different favorable instructions and advices have been told. According to situation and necessity if these situation and advice are followed then it will be beneficial.
Fault of land should be found out at the north east corner of the land. According to scriptures digging should be started after completion of fault or defects. At first the land surrounding should be leveled and four corners should be selected. Then the slope of the land will have to be kept at north-east side. Foundation stone will have to place on a proper day after performing rituals functions during lunar month and to that effect opinion of the experienced astrologers and Vastu Shastravid should be followed. Construction work should be started from south-east side; more places should be left at the east and north. Wall at the south and west boundary will have to be made high and thick than the wall at the north and east side. The main homestead should be at least two feet high than the surface of the road.
This should be remembered that while first digging for construction of the house the auspicious moment to start should be followed. At first north-east, then north-west, south-east and at the last south-west side should be done.
Auspicious foundation stone should be placed according to Vastu expert and astrologer. Just opposite of starting digging the foundation stone will have to place. This will be respectively south-west, south-east, north-west and at last north-east.
BOUNDARY WALL: Boundary wall of the house is desirable. There should be space between the wall and the main home. West side wall of the boundary will be high than the boundary wall at the east. If it is not possible to make high the wall at the south and west then it will be better to make those walls a bit thick.
DOOR OF THE BOUNDARY WALL: Door of the boundary wall will be dependent upon the direction of the land of the house itself. Ancient scriptures have also defined as to how the doors of the boundary wall will be constructed. The matter is informed below with the help of a list.
Land of East Direction: Shall be done at the east of north-east.
Land of West Direction: Shall be done at the west of north-west.
Land of North Direction: Shall be done at the north of north-east.
Land of Eat Direction: Shall be done at the south of south-east.
The direction in which doors of the boundary wall should not be done under any circumstances is listed below.
At the east of south-east.
At the west of south west.
At the north of north-east.
At the middle of south.
GARAGE: Garage should be at south-east or north-west area.
BRAHMASTHAN: No heavy construction work is desired at the complete middle place of the land. This means that heavy things like beam, column, pillar, wall etc. should not be there. Accordingly nothing heavy should be kept in the middle place of the room. Because the middle place is the Brahmasthan.
VERANDAH: Verandah will have to be made at the north and east. Roof of the verandah will not be equal to roof the main room. Place may be selected to keep foot wear at the North West side.
TERRACE: Terrace will have to be constructed at the north or east part of the house.
TUBE WELL AND SEPTIC TANK: Tube well and normal well will have to be in the north-east side. Tube well will not be set on the corner place of the house. Septic tank may be constructed at the south-east or North West side and this will also not be in the corner place.
OVERHEAD TANK: Overhead tank should be set at the west of south-west.
OUT HOUSE: Outhouse will have to be constructed without touching the boundary wall of the north or west. Height of the outhouse should be less than the height of the main wall.