Vastu correction

That we do/ do not. Geographical infrastructure of Bangladesh does not allow correcting Vastu in this way. My ancestors have prohibited me to many correction in this way. But recently I have observed in some Vastu that many of us have corrected the Vastu through mirror and then became frustrated. In order to remove wrong idea of the readers I mentioned the same. In the reflection from the mirror we see the thing. In such condition purity and impurity situation of the residents will have to be observed. Through mirror some unexpected geographical photos are reflected, which is very much inauspicious for Vastu.
There is sufficient importance of mirror in Vastu. In order to increase Vastu power of house and flat there is necessity of mirror. In any lower place powerful any mirror can be set. But this will have to be done very carefully. Mirror will not be placed in such place which enables it to reflect to south-east or north-west.
Bed room and bed location are very much important. Because one third of the human life is passed in the bed.
If the bed room becomes L-shaped and bed remains to wall then it will be wrong, though for being L-shaped directions are remaining all right.
Bed platform place may be corrected hanging mirror opposite to the bed platform. A small mirror will have to hang in such way that so that reflection is seen only on the bed. Total south side will not be reflected. This has been shown in the picture.
While cooking in the kitchen the housewife or the cook will stand or sit in such place that her backside will not towards the door. This rule must be followed though all other aspects of the kitchen remain proper. In such situation mirror will have to place in such position of the kitchen that if anybody enters the kitchen the entering person will be seen. This system is particularly useful for the kitchen in hotel and restaurants.
If any big pillar or tree remains in front of the main gate of the house then the same may be corrected through pyramids.
If the house remains in front of knife type road then the same may be corrected through mollusc.
Placing desk table in the office-chamber and its correction: The corner of the entrance of the office chamber is the place to keep desk or table. Sitting there movement of all he persons can be seen. Sitting other-wise either in straight way or keeping the entrance door behind are not correct. Sitting will be done facing north or east direction. In such case the desk and table will have to be placed according following picture.
Incorrect Position of Keeping Desk or Table: It will have to be remembered that if face is kept towards north while sitting then the north is not sufficient and order to get practical good result importance will have to be given on settings of the desk, table and sittings.
Correction of Different House Land according to Vastu: Considering road by he side of the land and environment of the same should be valued while making design of the house. If the land is sloping then all walls will not be equal. It has been shown below in the picture. In the picture houses by the side of the road are standing at a level. This is not correct according to Vastu.
In the above picture it may be seen that parallel houses by the side of the road have not been constructed. Without following the road houses are constructed.

While planning more houses or housing complex it is necessary to give emphasis on the consistency of height and construction settings. In the same row different buildings with different shape, height, size and settings should not be done. This is not correct according to Vastu Shastra.
Following types of houses or housing complexes are equal in height. If there are three doors of any house in the same line then the same is very bad. These three doors must be corrected.
Cons or mollusc that moves by the air may be hanged to make enchanting sound on the head of Door No. 1. Or among the three doors one door may be changed in place the doors may be corrected according to Vastu Shastra.
If it is not possible to move at least one door then one of these three will have to be closed permanently so that it can not be used.
If there is a big window opposite to one door and their ratio becomes 3 and 1 or more then correction will be necessary. This means that the window has become big than the door.
Window will have to be made in such way that it can be opened both outward and inward without any problem. If the it is not even while opening the door then the same will have to correct. In such case curtain with tarsal may be set or making a gate with decoration or attaching a bending frame this may be corrected.
Drawing room, living and office should not be set under low and heavy beam. Not only in such rooms even lying under heavy and low beam is not correct.
There are two ways to correct the same.
A. Making false ceiling
B. Changing sitting place
* If two corners do not meet properly in a place in the office or the house then in the sharp corner 3/9 mollusc will be hanged or through the said corner creeping plants will have to be planted.
If size of any house becomes “T” shaped then two trees in front of the house and in two sides will have to be planted and thus defects may be removed. The same is shown below
If there is any house, room or factory remains at the end of any land of long shape then the vacant space in front can be brought under consistency through light. This has been shown in the following picture.
The land below is not of any acceptable shape and so it quite unfit to construct house there. But in the land of such size park, entertainment arrangement, or restaurant or hotel may be done. If this land is required to use for this purpose then particular light wall surrounding the land will have to make and in such way the land will have to bring to the shape of rectangular or square. In the middle water flow may be arranged as alternative arrangement of correction. Please see the following picture No. 1 and 2 and in the next page please see picture No. 3 and 4.
If houses are not constructed according to Vastu Shastra then Amulet, Talisman named by “Vastakrittya Talisman” will have to put under earth at the north side of the house. Then the Vastu Error will be removed. According to rules of scriptures “Vastakrittya” Yantram will have to be made with gold, silver and brass and then this will have to set at the north corner of the house or flat. It requires three months to make this “Vastakrittya” Yantram, because this can be made only when it is auspicious moment and auspicious moment is available only for 27 minutes in one day. This requires much time. As a result of this man can be happy and can lead a good life with wealth and prosperity. In such case the Vastubid will have to allow time and the person concern will have possessed patience.
If this can not be possible then big size mollusc, Mangal Yantram, Sacred verse of Quaran and other religion follows according to their rituals system will make with gild, silver and brass in size of 6 inch X 6 inch and this will have to set in an auspicious moment and in such way Vastu Error will be removed and happiness will come.