Vastu Turns Things Around

Vastu shastra principles are not only applicable for dwelling houses, but also for industrial houses, mills and factories. If the industrial institutions, factories, mills etc. are also constructed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.It will not only bring economic progress but also avoid the hindrances that may come across in the production and marketing process. One should select any business for himself only after consulting with an worthy & Experience Astrologer and Vastubid. (Vastubid= Expert person of the Vastu Shastra,who has academic qualification from the institution to the proper subjects).If the stars & planets be favorable to that business. Any. factory or mill (Industry) is not suitable for every body.It is necessary to ascertain which business or industry will suit an individual. In astrology,Vastu Shastra decision regarding the business to be adopted is taken on the basis of the strength or weakness of the planets/stars positioned in the second, fourth, seventh, tenth and eleventh places of the Horoscope of the person concerned. If the person do not know the accurate birth details then decision taken by palm reading and so many alternative system definitely scientific way.
Land for the construction of a factory or mill should be tested and selected, according to the directives of Vastu Shastra. And then building work should be started at some auspicious moment. It will be beneficial to keep the following facts in mind while establishing a factory or fixing machines etc.
As I mention earlier in About Astrology and Vastu (Please see the web’s link page) theirs no need to break single piece of Bricks to Rectify/ Correction the Vastu. Many inquisitive readers (They read my writing books VASTU SHAHARA-1)often ask that if Kitchen, Toilet, Bathroom are built in faulty method in a house, factory, or industry, can such faults be dispelled without breaking them? Big Metro cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, New York, Tokyo, Sydney,etc.Many families live only in a single room which consists of Bedroom, Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen etc. In such a situation, a person’s family has to live in a single room, flat, due to lack of facility & resources for building an independent house, there is hardly any scope for breakage. But even then, it is advisable to correct the fault pertaining to fire. water, safe vault and sleeping room. Even after doing this much, there will still be left many other faults in a building which should be rectified, but it is generally not possible due to some practical factors. Breakage is not necessary, what actually required is the advice and guidance of an experienced Astrologer and Vastu expert. But do not be misled by pseudo and self proclaimed so called Vastu scholars, who have immense capacity to harm and damage the interests of innocent aspirants.