Vastu shastra

It is worthy to tell about trees and forest as they are our best friends in life. Human being understood the necessity and its benefit since years past. Tree expands the way of prosperity. In the tropical area this more true.
Human being can not live without tree. Men are taking the necessities of daily life from the tree, such as they are using tree for furniture, equipment, and for the fuel in the rural areas. We get flower, fruits and shade from this tree. Besides all these things we take many other benefits from the tree. So tree is very important and plays a significant role in our life. We see the cessation of sharpness of the environment, preservation of soil, and keeping water collection for our purpose by the tree. It controls rainfall, keeping the winter and hot favorable and resist tremendous water flow to protect soil erosion. It has been told in the ancient scriptures about tree that --- the man who plants tree by the side of the road and water body, he will remain in enjoyment till the said tree will give fruit.
We have heredity in culture of tree plantation in Bangladesh since age before. Our culture is secular. In the religious scriptures there is instruction to nourish trees and plants. In the Vastu Shastra tree plantation, making gardens and as a whole a forestation by the side of the habitats has been considered as auspicious. This nourishment has not been done on the basis of community. Pure air is not only good for health, but also gives different benefits. Living world is saved from pollution by this tree. Pollution is being increased as a result of decreasing the number of trees. Rainfall has been decreased, for which different diseases are being spread. Shortages of trees are the cause of breathing problem. At present men are thinking to return to the village environment. It is necessary to plant some trees as far as possible to remove concrete disaster in the town.
Ancient Holly Quaran scriptures have given significant importance on the forests. In human life they pass four stages of life under four different age and conditions. Brahmacharya, Garhastra, Banprostho and Sannyash. During the life of Banprostho and Sannyash forest is important, as because this portion of life will mostly lived in the forests? It has been told about traveling places of worships that if anybody travels twelve forests then he will get virtue of traveling place of worships. In this perspective twelve forests should be described.