Use and magnetism of compass

Power of magnetism is not seen in open eye. But when the magnet by its own power draws or attracts any other matter to it then the matter appears to all. A matter which attracts iron and some other materials that is called magnet. Each magnet contains two ends which has magnetic power. The area where the magnetic power influences that is called magnetic field. This world is a large magnet. Its two magnetic end is north pole and south pole. One pole attracts north magnetic field of the world and another pole attracts south magnetic field of the world.
Geographical North Pole and South Pole remain on the axis of the world and centering this axis the earth rounds. This line location means the magnetic field of the world. The places those near to the line are the places of most powerful.
A compass indicates different directions. About a thousand years before the sea-men of Arab stated use of compass or magnetic compass. There remains a pointer in the magnetic compass. This pointer moves from one direction to another direction easily.
Taking a compass of at least 2 inch diameter in hand 360 degree round scale will have to be seen. In the compass ‘N’ means North and ‘S’ means South and accordingly ‘E’ means East and ‘W’ means West. ‘SE’ means South-east, ‘NE’ means North-east, ‘SW’ means South-west and ‘NW’ means North-west.
In this way line has expanded to 8 directions from the center. Any two middle angles of these will be 45 degree.
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Before identifying north direction of the land using compass 8 X 8 inch area in the middle will have to clean and after leveling the place the compass will have to set. It will be observed that the pointer in the middle of the compass after moving to and from different directions will stop to a particular place with red mark to the end. Then the compass will have to move in such way that the ‘N’ marked end goes under the red mark. It will be then observed that the pointer has moved to latitude to north south direction and also the red marked end has moved to magnetic north.
If there already road by the side of the land then it will have to be maintained that the borders of the land remains in line of the magnetic axis. Now if the compass is moved from one direction to other direction then the pointer will remain standstill and this will indicate magnetic north direction, which way it has been defined here. Now this will have to be seen that whether the borders are on the axis line or not. If not then the compass will have to move slowly, so that equal divider line of the land goes to ‘N’.
Now the difference of degree between red marked pointer and ‘N’ will make the thing understand as to how much the land has moved to adverse direction. If the move is 10 degree then the land may be treated as good and if the move is more then advice from the Vastu experts will be necessary.