Unidentifying teal gem stones

Different types of Gem stones are available in the market now a day. Dazzling of these Gem stones and color of those dazzle in the eye. But how it is possible to identify among these volume as to which one of these are natural and which one of these are not natural? Now herein we shall discuss about the same. It is necessary to have an experienced eye to identify the real gem stones. First idea will have to achieve seeing firstly size of gem stone, color, transparency and also observing the undesired materials existing in the same.
In order to get correct idea help of microscope will have to be undertaken. But the best way to identify the real one is to verify the refractive index of the gem stones. If the refractive index of gemstones is known then it is possible to identify the correct gem stones comparing the same with the list. Because there is very little difference refractive index of any particular group of gemstones, say refractive index of diamond is 2.417. Besides, verifying the dispersion quality it is also possible to identify the real or natural gemstones. Besides all of them it is also possible to identify the real, pure and natural gemstones after verifying hardness, specific gravity merits. At the beginning of this book in the second chapter the description has been given about hardness, specific gravity, refractive index, dispersion and different colors of gemstones.