Tulshi tree

One of the sacred tree in the household is Tulshi tree. This tree has medicinal quality of high extent. A number of medicines are of leaf and branches of this tree. It has been told that if two leafs of Tulshi tree are kept in water and then drink then there will be no disease. Tulshi tree leafs works highly to recover from skin disease. Different diseases are recovered from the air of Tulshi tree and solution of this tree keeps the lungs cured.
Tulshi tree undertakes carbon dioxide and gives oxygen, without which living animal can not survive. There should be at least two Tulshi tree in every household. This will keep the health of all the residents of the house. It is incomparable to resist pollution. This increases life force and remains without disease.
All the sides to which the Air with smell of Tulshi tree moves becomes free from pollution. There are four types of animal, originated from different ways and sources, such as Andaj (from egg), Pindoj, Jarauj (ovary) and Udvijja (trees and plants) and are benefited by the Tulshi tree with her smell.
Though the science and technology has become helpful in life of human life, yet, at the same time it become a cause of harm for making pollution in the environment. Due to continuous pollution Ozone layer in the atmosphere is being destroyed. Ozone layer protects the world from the harmful ultra violet ray from the sun.
We are trying to resist pollution through forestation. In this stage also The Tulshi tree has no alternative. Other trees absorbs carbon dioxide only while it is day and then gives oxygen and while by night trees takes oxygen and then leaves carbon dioxide. But Tulshi tree gives oxygen by day and night. No other three can do this.
Saint Charak has told about Brikkha Ayurveda that Ashantha tree in the east, Pakur tree in the south, Bat tree in the west and Udumbar tree in the north must not be planted.
There will be fear from fire if Ashantha tree remains in the east, if Pakur tree in the south then gall will expanded, if the Bat tree is in the west then there will be phthisis and if there is Dumur tree in the north then diarrhea disease will attack.
Betel nut, sreefall, coconut (matured), labani (with salinity), rose apple, jack fruit, mango, dalim, orange, lemon, madhuparni, banana, shirish, amloki, jati, chapa,mollika, bakul, sajne, patal, debdaru, ashok, jayanti and tagar trees plantation will bring prosperity to the household.
It has been told in the astrology that rose apple, betel nut, jack fruit, mango ketoki, jati, lotus, tagar, daruchini, mollika, coconut, banana and patal trees and plants if planted in the household then the house becomes full of prosperity.
According to astrology darimba, ashok, punnag, billba, and keshore trees and plants if planted then it is good. If raktapushpa tree is planted then there will be fear from the administrator and if shalmali tree is planted then there will be separation in the house.
The trees and plants which should not be planted in the household are nim, palash, khejur, jam, saral, tetul, kanchan sthul bimbo, bahera, dhutura, haritaki, saptaparni and manasa. If these are planted then there will be harm.