Troilokko Mani

The precious rare Mani (which looks like a jewel) is crore times more effective and powerful than any jewel. It gives unforeseen good effects.



The house in which this  TROILOKKO MANI jewel will be installed or who will keep it with his person the darkness of the lives of all members of that house will be eliminated forever as the deep darkness is removed after sunrise and everything is lighted up after darkness being removed.

The goodwill, reputation success, glory money, wealth, influence, exercising authority will be increased in an abnormal way which will make you amazed along with it the unity with the family including wife and children will ever prevail. New relationships will be created and in the same manner sudden opportunities will appear in an unthinkable way every now and then. Good relationships with man will prevail, enemies will turn into friends and winning of the friends will take place. You will become a person of respect and acceptability in the society acceptability will increase in a comprehensive way/in an excessive way.  The sudden loss of business and wealth will be averted (by the grace of the Almighty Allah). The connection of kingly fate will be active especially if anyone is earnest in politics.

You will not be able to even imagine where the trade and commerce will go up to, the money deposited will not be mishandled. Good will and wealth will be preserved and recovered. You will make special contribution in the field of politics. The TROILOKKO MANI   jewel is a very invaluable substance. It may be said that it is not available. This holy TROILOKKO MANI jewel, it is assumed may be available in the houses of big kingly families, in the houses of big merchant.

For example that, if this TROILOKKO MANI    jewel is installed in a house of a penniless person then that person, will undoubtedly come into possession of abundance and wealth.

In whose house this  TROILOKKO MANI  jewel will be installed, there always, Chaturborgojog (Money, goal, lust, achievement) will prevail.

Price: It is subject to discussion if one desirous to collect it.

15-25 gm, it can be available in more weights

TROILOKKO MANI  jewel can be set in ring or worn in the neck by putting in a locket, much good results can be obtained in larger degrees by using it on the arms of woman and man.

Application: If one decides to wear the   TROILOKKO MANI jewel on his body and keep it in his house then prior to taking TROILOKKO TROILOKKO MANI jewel, at the time of installation of TROILOKKO MANI jewel/at the time of wearing on the body and after installation of troilokko mani jewel, after wearing it on the body, specially within 2 months from the installation it is very important to abide by a few rules and regulations, as such Hasan Kabir will himself let you know all types of rules and regulations as to installation or wearing on the body the    TROILOKKO MANI jewel.

Summary: Since installation of  TROILOKKO MANI  jewel.

  • All types of ill influences will be dispelled.
  • The effects of damaging ills done and shed (Black magic, spells and  bun tona) will be completely eradicated.
  • No one will be able to do harm even a bit if he tries a thousand times.
  • Known and unknown sins will be eliminated.
  • The development of all members of the family will be achieved.

The unity will prevail for ever with the family including wife and children.

  • The head of the family will be able to take the style as he wishes
  • No technique will have to be applied for managing persons; persons will be tamed for nothing.

Business and wealth will be protected from sudden losses. 

However much v VASTU defects there may be the ill effects of them will not be able to cause any harm to the house.

  • In the case of politics and state administration it will always give the results of good influence

The possibility of kingly fate will be active especially if anyone is active in the politics.

If the curses on the fore fathers and present curses have not been completely eradicated then if  the TROILOKKO MANI

  •  jewel is worn/installed in the house/on the body then it will be able to change the complete life style.

Please do not pass any unnecessary comments regarding this jewel irrespective of whether you purchase it or not. Your welfare lies in it.

We can swear in the name of Allah every now and then but we do not try. The condition of us, the Muslims (Nominally is such that).

  • There is room but no light.
  • There is flower but no fragrance.
  • It is ordained by fate but there is no work.
  • It is in mind but there is no expression.
  • There is necessity but no stimulus.
  • A man indeed but lacks good education.
  • There is movement but no restraint.
  • There is frustration but no confidence in one’s self.
  • There is large income but no savings.
  • There is difficulty but no rest.
  • There is disturbance but no peace.

Because our beliefs sometimes surpass our disbeliefs. It is heard that the river Ganges belong to Hindus, Yamuna, Sharasati Rivers belong to Hindus. The Ganges, Yamuna, Sharasati, Euphrates, the river Niles, Amazon or Padma, Meghna Rivers are not particularly for any religion. All creations of the world have been created by Allah Rabbul Al-Amin for the welfare of human kind. We among all only talk about Hindu, Muslim, Buddha, Christian or Jews, the Quran Sharif or Hadith do not bear testimony to it.

I hope that you will be able to understand well about my writing “Troilokko Mani Jewel” from this example.

Because the paths that we take are not similar, all expect the wonderful paths.

N.B.: Many mysteries created by the Creator exist in the world as Charisma or miracle. Troilokko Mani is such a rare miracle (Subhanallah), it is not a matter which can be achieved easily. Hence no one other than the desirous person having the ability to bear the expenses mentioned is only requested to contact.