Tree nearby room

Trees should not be planted in the house where people reside. Because if it is a big tree then its root will harm the house. Big tree leaves carbon-dioxide in a large quantity and for this reason it is not good for health. So if there is any vacant place near the house then garden may be made with different trees. List of the auspicious and inauspicious trees are listed below.
Without planting big trees small decorative trees and plants are beneficial. These can absorb harmful solar ray, magnetic vibration and cosmic ray.
East Bat Ashantha, fruit giving tree like mango, rose apple, banana etc.
West Ashantha Mango, banana, Bat, Kath
North Kath, Pakur Banana, Dumur
South Golap, Dumur Mango, Kath
Southeast Bedana, Dalim Bat, Ashantha, trees with thorn, shimul, Pakur, milk coming any tree, akanda, mahua, etc.
Southwest Tetul Kadamba
Northeast Amloki Banana
Northwest Bell Trees with horns
The followers of Sanatan Dharma (Hindu Religion) of India and Bangladesh treat Ashantha, Dumur, Bat, Pakur and Mango trees to be Panchabrikkha (five trees). According to their religious belief the Ashantha places in the highest. If this tree is cut then it is harmful. But if it is cut for the purpose of religious work like Homm and Jagga then there will be no harm, rather it will give worthy of doing sacred work and gets heaven. If the Ashantha tree is worshipped the it is thought that all deities are worshipped. (If Muslim then no question of such worship (puja) will not arise).