The hand as a whole

The hair on the body determines physical strength of a person.
The more hair on the body a person has, the more vitality and coarser element he has. If he has profuse hair on the hand, he is strong and vigorous. When the hair entirely absent or rarely seen on the body and hands of a woman she has more feminine qualities in her; but in case of a man, shows lack of vitality.
Hair has different hues, due to the iron pigment absorbed from the body for the nourishment of their sacks. People living in different parts of the world have different colours and types of hair or are sometimes without or withy less hair on the body, like other particular features, due to climatic, ancestral or racial factors.
People with dark hair are irritable, sensuous, volatile, affectionate and easy-going. Blonde hair shows a cool, practical, unexcitable and phlegmatic nature with evenness in temperament. If blonde hair has a reddish tinge, the above qualities are modified.
White hair show failing vitality. A sudden shock can also turn the hair white in a short time in rare cases.
Grey hair show failing vitality. The skin and other sings on the hand should be seen to ascertain the true position. A youthful skin with grey hair shows excesses in living.
Coarse, thick hairs growing out of a fine skin are indicative of glandular or hormonal imbalance. Similarity, if fine hairs grow out of a coarse and hard skin, something is unusual and wrong.
Coarse, dry hair shows cruelty, while fine and silky hair show refinement in temperament and good taste.
Skin plays a very important part in judging the hand.
The texture of the skin is ascertained from the back of the hand. A refined texture softens everything, a coarse one animatizes it. If the texture is fine, soft and delicate, the person is refined, sensitive and these qualities will influence his activities in life. An excessively fine texture makes a person comfort-living and easy-going. When the skin is coarse, rough and thick, lack of refinement and sensitivity and indicated.
A medium elastic skin, which lies between the two extreme cases cited above, shows refinement without effeminacy and idealism in man and woman, respectively. It shows activity, energy and intellectual potential.
When the temperature of the skin is cold in the normal atmosphere, the subject is selfish and cold in behavour. Hot hands are indicative of impulsiveness, generosity of spirit and spontaneity.
Changes in the texture and or temperature of the skin may signal the onset of an illness.
A leathery texture indicates a robust constitution.
Consistency means how much the muscles of the hand can resist if squeezed tightly.
A very soft consistency makes a person ease-living and idle. He does not undertake physical exertion but can develop his energy and activity. A flabby hand makes a person lazy and inactive.
Elastic hands, where you find flexibility and resistance on pressing, show the best type of consistency. A person possessing such consistency is active, energetic, zealous and vigorous.
Such hands show hardness on squeezing; hands with such consistency are made better.
Hard hands show hardness on squeezing; hands with such consistency are possessed by manual labourers. They have more physical strength but lack mental and intellectual under standing.
The consistency of the hand modifies the qualities of a person. For example, the ambition shown by a good Mount of Jupiter is reduced by the flabby consistency of the hand.
Both the hands should be examined; if the left hand is hard and the right is soft, the person has changed his temperament.
Good health is shown by a slightly pink colour. It indicates warmth, vivacity, energy, generosity and refinement. Excessive red colour or full red shows excessive energy. Such a person also shows increased vigour in his work, behaviour and sex. When pale colour is indicated, a bilious flow in blood is shown and vitality and energy are weakened, resulting in a gloomy disposition. Blue colour of nails or skin on hands reveals a sluggish blood circulation, an is manifested at an advanced stage of trouble. Bluish-white hands belong to manipulators who take advantage of others, while white colour shows a less buoyant personality.