The Architecheral Design

In one hand, the matter is very simple. One the other hand, it is very complex and difficult. What are needed are ideas about direction and corner and proper design of building and proper furnishing of furniture to the proper direction. Compliance with the building code is necessary and it is because 50% of incidents in life are regulated By luck and the rest 50% by the compliance of building code. Luck is influenced by the gain of some thing and luck is governed by humans’ own activities. Man builds his building or house, office, factory. If 50% of that is done by man’s wrong activities knowingly or unknowingly, as a result of that, peace does not last for long. Building code has similarity with Nature. This universe is made of earth, water, fire, air and blank space or sky. For this reason, the purpose of compliance with the building code is to bring harmony in human life without hurting the system of unification of five elements in the process of creation and maintain this harmony peacefully, well and making it enriched. According to building code, kitchen should be built in the south-east corner, but if kitchen is placed in the north-west corner, north-east corner and south-west corner then relation with people will be badly affected. Discomfort will prevail in the house. Means of earning money will get narrow. The person who will cook will suffer from pain, diabetes, and his/her vision power will decrease. In that house, study will be hampered. No surprise, the earning member will face problems in his/her service or business. If the master of the house has get his bed room in the north-east corner, his temper will increase and he will be in constant quarrelsome relation with his wife. If bed room is placed in the north, discomfort will prevail and he/she will incur financial loss. If a marriageable person lives in a room built in the north-west corner then all hindrances, if any, in the process of his/her marriage will be removed within a very short time and there will be bright prospect of his/her being married to a worthy bride/bridegroom. (This is proved in many cases of my clients). If any thing heavy is kept in the north side of any house, the mistress will suffer from ill health or she will suffer from head disease. On the other hand, if anything heavy is kept in the East side, the master of the house will suffer from ill health or he will incur financial loss. If study room is placed in the east, there will be much obstacle to study. According to building code, (Vastu Shastra Code) while sleeping, you need to place your head in the south so that blood circulation in the body is okay. The earth magnitude flows to the south from the north.
The north pole of magnitude stays in the south of the earth. As a result of which, the magnitude flows to the north from the south. If head is placed to the north then blood will run to the head that is like swimming against the current. If one sleeps by placing one’s head in the north, one will suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, Hemophilia, pain, hesitation in taking decision and one’s mental distress will increase. It is because blood contains red blood corpuscles, which are influenced by the magnetic field. If one sleeps by placing one’s head in the south then one gets cured of diseases and has some financial gain. If one sleeps by placing one’s head in the west, anxiety engulfs one’s mind. The earth is full of magnetic force. Naturally earth’s magnetic force works on different things and substance in and on earth. Then it is very natural that it will have a magnetic impact. Two types of impacts of force or energy are constantly falling on humans. Of these two, one is solar energy and the other is magnetic force. The first one act from the east and the second one acts from the north. As we know, if two forces act on any object from right angle 90 degree then on any resultant force acts from 45 degree angle.
In this case, the resultant force will act from north-east to the south-west. For this reason, according to building code, the first important formula is that the north and east sides of any house, office, and factory and flat should keep open and relatively lower.
The south-west side should keep closed and heavy. As a result, people from their respective position will get greater energy and as a result of it we will get very productive upstream rays.
I hope now you easily understand that if there’s any defect in building and you come under electro magnetic sun-rays then there’s no chance of easy success and you will have to suffer from various distresses and miseries, sickness and diseases. After the Second World War, Germany advanced faster than any other country and this was because almost all the buildings of Germany had been designed based on the scientific method of building science, which has surprised the whole world. It is necessary to mention here that this science is based on nature and its major five elements around us and nature is in the same condition as it was thousands of years ago when this science developed. So at present this science is as pure and recognized as it was in the remote past. Man is a social being and all social norms and behavior are strongly related with nature.
Our ancestors discovered a very wonderful relation between humans and nature. They observed that if any change takes place in the nature then that affects humans. And therefore, development of building science has been done keeping the place of nature above all. From the time immemorial, land, water, fire, air and sky--------all these are known as five major elements of earth. Water and air control the creative and destructive forces of nature. And this controlling is very much important. This science has a sole objective and this sole objective is to help humans live a peaceful and happy life by adapting with the nature well. Therefore, we should build our own houses, flats, offices and factories on the basis of building science.(According to the Vastu Shastra Code)
Only if you can furnish your furniture in the proper places in your rented house then you can get 70% -80% positive result of it. you can get everything viz, good will, reputation, fame, glory, money, wealth, power, business progress, sound health, care-free life, economic progress from nature uninterruptedly and to get these all you only need to know building code and follow them in your life. Reply to any two building science-related questions are given over telephone without money.

  Building types: Residence, office, factory -- --- any one + Tk. 5400.00/- in office

  In building owner’s premise (In Dhaka) Tk. 10,800.00/-
N. B. For building correction, no breaking needed. Any kind of solutions concerning choice of land, purchase of land, identifying defects in land, extraction of arrows and thorns, house-building are given according to building science. If you want to know in detail then please read the book titled "VASTU SHSHARA 1" written by Raj Jatak Dr. Hasan Kabir. You can collect the book from any reputed library or you can collect it from me. Please contact to my address. The price of the book Tk. 21.00 excluding postal expenses. I wish world people god’s blessings on behalf of Bangladesh-born people. May every body live in peace.