South facing shop

Owner of the south facing shop will sit at south-west side. The shopkeeper will sit facing east or north-east of the eastern side with a table. Iron chest or Almirah or cash box will remain to his right side. Face of the cash box etc will remain towards north or east direction. Cash box or Almirah can not be kept moving to the banc side completely, because if the same is kept in such position then there will be a vacant place at the south-west corner of the Almirah and this will create bad influence.
If the materials of the shop are keep on the rack then those rack will remain near to the west side wall. These will be attached. Heavy materials will have to be kept in these racks. Light materials will have to be kept in the rack at north and east side. In this case there will be a gap of 3 inch from the wall of north and east side.
Sacred verses or Surah will be placed facing west at north part, i.e. north-east corner. Ayatul Kursi will have to be placed attaching north side wall of north-east corner. In the niche of north-east verses of Quaran or sacred symbol may be placed. Leaving at least 6 inch space from that place materials may be kept.
Most of the materials of the shop will have to be kept in boxes of timber or in the sack bag on the floor. These should not be kept in the rack. If the materials become too heavy then the same will have to be kept leaving at least 3 inch at the east and north and at least 1 feet at the north-east. If materials are placed in such way then the business will prosper. Materials keeping will have to be given due importance and for this, whichever the face of the shop, if the shop materials are kept in this way then it will be cause of prosperity of the shop.