Scientific explanation of slope of land

It has been told in the Vastu Shastra in respect of slope of land that the slope of land should remain towards one direction and it will be better to remain the same towards north east. Vastu Shastra is based on science and its proof is observed in the scientific explanation of keeping the land slope towards north east. It is very much beneficial to keep the slope of the land towards north east. It is for the reason that if the slope of the land remains towards north east direction then water from total land will slide to north east and this water deposit will enter the earth slowly. Since according to Vastu Shastra well, tube well and ponds will remain at the north east according to Vastu Shastra so when the water will enter the earth being flown from the opposite direction then water level for the well and tube well and pond never be less. Moreover the infrared from the solar ray that comes through north east will be sucked by the water in the north east and that sucked infra red ray will be radiated from after the noon.
According to Vastubiggan (Vastu Science) influence of eight directions on human life is irresistible.

While construction of any building the east side of the building must be kept opened and vacant. East side direction is Paitrik Sthan (Father's Side). If east side is not kept opened then there will remain possibility of loss of the Pitripakkha.

  North West direction provides health to human life.

  South direction gives crops, wealth, happiness and peace.

  South east is not responsible for its action and reaction. Keeping any serious fault to south east is equal to inviting premature death.

  West direction gives success, reputation and polite attitude.

  South east controls the relation with other persons and friendship and enmity both are remaing there.

  North direction is Matristhan (Mother's Side). If the vacant place is not kept at the north then there will be possibility of loss of Matripakkha.

  There should be no fault to remove at north east and this direction gives stability to expansion of generation.

The complete process in respect of building construction has been detailed in the Vastu Shastra. The primary stage of building construction is to see the type of land, testing rules of the land, determination of direction properly using compass, refinement of the land, selection of the best land etc. Surrounding environment, high rise building of the neighbor, mosque, high place, hill, pond, well, river, trees and plants all influence the land which will be selected for construction of house. So which one is to be accepted and which one will be deserted may be known from reading, intellect and practical knowledge. First we shall have to know about the angles and the directions. The same has been depicted in the picture below.
In Vastubiggan these four directions and its related angles have significant importance. Our learned men before thousands of years of expansion of science knew about the life saving qualities of solar ray. Due to this reason they advised to make the house/residence with east direction.
At the same time they advised plan to construct houses according to dominating stars and planets of other angles. The aim of this was comfort, happiness and good health to the human life.
If the land becomes rectangular or square then its center will have to be found out and then keeping the compass there north direction will have to be determined. Then the said line will have tube drawn in that design. Then from this line 22.5 part (east) and 22.5 part (west) angles (from the center) to be made and draw line.
North part comprising part 1 and 2 East part comprising part 2 and 4
West part comprising part 1 and 3 South part comprising part 3 and 4
Two divisions and four division of land part have been shown above. Besides the same the land may be divided to many sizes according to requirement. Below please find picture of land divided to 12 parts.