Sample of stones

When the stones come out of mines then its brightness and gorgeousness are not expressed.After giving different geometric shape of different sizes through cutting and polish its merits and qualities are flourished.In order to express merits and qualities of any stones to corresponding size are necessary and proper.
Cabochon is called when it appears in the form of up side down of a small bowl and facet is called when these are cut in different small surface in different geometric size in the whole of the stones.The size which is given cutting facet in different sides of the stone is called Table-cut,step-cut,rose-cut,brilliant-cut etc.In the rose-cut size there are 24 rectangular facets and in the brilliant-cut size there remain 58 facets, in which there are rectangular,quadrilateral,pentagonal and hexagonal shapes. These are geometrical shape,not whimsical design making.Each facet is cut in angle without defect,so that the stone becomes overall consistent.If it is not done so then its brightness,dazzle and beauty will not be expressed.Not only that this work needs skill and attention.Sometimes decorating one facet needs days after days.
Stones are with diamond.This is because that the diamond is the hardest materials in the world. Besides,if the heat is not raised up to 900 degree Celsius then diamond will not be shaped different at all.Irrespective of other stones, even the diamond is needed to cut diamond itself.Main equipment to cut stones is called ‘Dope’