Roles of the planet

From cave life to modern computer age conceptual arena of human being has been expanded with numerous inventions in science. Emergence of life and its flow have not been stooped even in many obstacles and hindrances, at the same time and at the present stage of civilization activities on astrology, its practice and research are also under advancement. Human being having conscience and knowledge has been top-listed in the world. A devoted number of people have expanded their knowledge and concept in the perspective of its position, dynamic idea and surrounding situation in this universe and these persons are astrologers.
Since the most early age most of the wise men, pundits, mathematicians, philosophers and scientists of the west and east at their primary stages while tried to discover the influence of planets and stars on the fate of the human being, country and community started to observe the planets and stars with their utmost inquisitiveness. As a result due to incomparability of information and theory there has been no difference of opinion between the wise men of the east and west in respect of direct and indirect influence of planets and stars on the different place of the world for their difference of position in the zodiac.
Now it is clear that the influence of stars and planets do not exist only on the time and space, not only active on the human being, but the influence is existed also clearly on the glands of body of human being. This is also true that while born each of the human being remains under control of any of the stars. Not only that, enumerating according to astronomy the position of planets, distance and movement, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse etc. can be determined. Accordingly to astrology symptom of personal life flow, existence of problem in our lives, how and when prosperity in life will be held or the way of activities, environment, existing situation, state condition, business, employment, disease, health condition, financial advancement or loss etc. can be determined. At present this is known to all that due to moon ebb and flow in the ocean and river are happened. This may be mentioned here that according to astrology influence of moon on water is active. Since thousand years before this was known, but the truth is actually proved by scientist Newton in the year 1687.
The decision that comes through astrology and astronomy in different ways is always the same.
It is known from the book “Jyotish Biggan” written by Asit Kumar Chakrabarty that many scientists support the decision of astrology in respect of influence of moon. Some of the famous scientists in between 1978 to 1982 came to decision through research that the full moon not only increases the emotion and mobility but also awaken tendency of crime in human being. They also tell that during full moon light and gravitation of moon become helpful to decrease mental and physical health of men, cause different types of disease, murder, and suicide tendency among men. In an international discussion meeting held on forensic science, pharmacology, diagnosis theory, toxicology in 1963 in the University of London participated many famous scientists of the world. In that discussion meeting Dr. Janino, a scientist of the University of Machacuchettes presented a research paper and told that it has learnt from the literature and proverb of the ancient period that human being is influenced by the moon and it creates temporary insanity, desperateness, superstition or absurd imagination and these are not inferences, but true. Dr. Janino in the consequence of his logical presentation on influence of the moon told that it has been proved through test of physiology that during full moon and on the last day of dark fortnight electrical omnipotence in human body increases.
In Latin language the moon is called Luna. The word lunatic in English comes from this word as it appears to be the cause of abnormality. The great poet Milton in his epic “Paradise Lost” has mentioned the relation between moon and the human brain.
During the present age it is clear that the influence of moon is active not only on human being but also active in zonal premises. However it is now clearly stated in the astrology that moon operates liquid material of the human body and its mind. According to this science the completeness of the moon, its strength, and position in auspicious place are necessary to make the mind of human being completely normal. Decrease of strength of human being and decrease of strength of moon is of equal level.
Instances may be given that if the moon remains in lower position and in scanty looking and positioned with Saturn, Mars, or planet named ‘Rahu’ during birth time a baby then the said baby becomes the prey of mental disorder, anxiety of disease, emotion, baseless fear, hysteria, fatigue, fear and etc, and the baby becomes diagnosed as the patient of mental disease Psychoneurosis. In this circumstances there remain much possibility of being the baby mentally imbalanced.
If during the birth period of the baby the moon remains strong then the baby in future remains in possibility to be strong, able to survive for long time, religious minded and have nice and beautiful eyes. If the moon remains in Taurus or Cancer, then the baby in time will be rich, lively and popular, and if the baby is of auspicious moon the baby will get good health, affection, love, happiness in conjugal life, and will get attachment in music, art, business related to water, publication of books, writing, intellectualism, and teaching.