Roles of the jewels

It is learnt from the history of Gem stones that different types of Gem stones are found in the earth, in the ocean and under the deep water of the sea.
A question may be raised in the minds of dome of you that in spite of existence of good and evil action in human life is it possible to make any remedy against the same with Gem stones? Or is there any benefit of bearing any jewel?
In reply to same this may be told that each of the part of the human being is the combination of atoms. Planets of the solar systems are also combination of atoms. The different jewels are made in combination of such matters, whose existence is also remaining in the body of human being. Different jewels touch the skin of the body of human life directly and expanded an electro magnetic influence on the body. It brings consistency of dissimilar presence of any matter in the body.
Different types of jewels and ray of different planets may have much attraction and detraction. So it is possible to strengthen the nervous system through addition or subtraction of ray of particular planet through bearing jewel with body.

As a result the nervous system will be strong and the life will be preceded to future with discipline being equipped with new thoughts and ideas.
Cosmic ray falls on the grounds of the world crossing the atmosphere. The planets have their own power of radiation, and at the same time every jewel has the power to attract the strength separately. This cosmic ray that comes from the sun and the planets works on us differently. The Gem stones those formed in the earth or ocean are also the chemical action of such cosmic ray. Influence of cosmic ray on human body is scientifically acknowledged. Ultra violet ray of the sun and other colors becomes active directly and indirectly on different Gem stones and the power hidden in the same and being so it may be contaminated to human body and create different diseases. Mentionable those different colors are existed in Gem stones. These jewels are diamond, agate, coral, emerald, turquoise, topaz, onyx, ruby sapphire and others.
More can be known that the explanation of solar system the scientists and astrologers have got through analysis and explanation by spectroscope and modern invention Kirlian Photo System has the similarity among the theoretical and applied opinions of astrology explained by astrologers of the old age. Astronomy has proved that according to lumination of planets and stars have separate colors, such as our sun has light orange color, Venus is of extreme white and proxima centauri is of bright blue.

The ancient astrologers considering position of different planets in different place on the hands and mentioned those places as the refection of different colors. The colors of different Gem stones are different and so similarity they have found with such Gem stones. So use of jewels in astrology is not wrong.
Famous gemologists, member of the Gemological Association of America, fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain and writer of Nawratan in English, F.M. Islam has told in his book about the influence of Gem stones in human life.
An international currency; a cheerer of soul; a healer of diseases, a charm against enchantment, magic, evil spirits and jealousy; a guide and indicator of the wearer’s health, a protector of hunter against wild beasts, insects, snakes; to enhance charm and beauty, strength and stability in the fairsex, as well as man; to increase concentration in meditation and prayer.
But a very little number of people are conversant on application procedure of the Gem stones.
This shall have to be noted that application of wrong medicine or taking medicine without necessity may be the cause of the death. Likewise there is every possibility of any damage for using Gem stones without necessity or wrong application of the Gem stones. So advice on using Gem stones from the expert astrologers is necessary. This should not be forgotten that the jewels are formed with atom and quality of materials can not be denies.