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The effect of sunlight is cast upon the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, among with other religions alike and without any discrimination, but all the persons are not endowed with identical wisdom and understanding, It depends on how a people accept it. To explain this point the story of five blind persons and an elephant worth mention. When they touched the elephant, a person caught hold of elephant’s tail, the second one his trunk, the third one placed his hand on the ear, the fourth person held the animal’s back and other one caught its foot firmly. One who caught the tail, felt that the elephant is like a broom , one who caught the trunk declared that the elephant is like an inverted fountain, because it is thick on the upper side but thin on the lower side, the person who touched the ear, said it resembles like a fan, one who caught the foot said it looks like a pole and the last one said it is like a mountain, Each person’s conclusion was based only on one portion of the animal, hence there is a seeming incongruity which denotes a limited and restricted vision which is confined only to one aspect, hence the variations give inconclusive descriptions.

In order to seek protection from scorching heat of the sun, one took shelter under roof of a temple, the second one went to the nearest mosque, the third one took rest under a Church, the fourth one rested under a pyramid and the fifth one took protection by entering a pagoda, Motive of all the said persons was identical, but only the sources were different.

All the castes and communities are divided throughout the world. Hence each one of them has his individual parameters with regard to architecture and art of Vastu, and the variations depict different outlook of each civilization. Every Civilization has its own measuring rods and beliefs. Despite all this, there is no civilization in the world which does not believe in architecture, Vastu art and knowledge about house/building construction. Prof. Talbore Hamlin, Professor in the department of architecture, at American university, wrote a 700 page voluminous book which was published at New York in 1838, wherein he has given detailed account of Culture of Egyptians, Roman, East-West Asia, Unani, Japanese, Muslims and Christian architecture and Vastu science. He has also described relevant rules of each of these cultures Sciences of architecture and Vastu has relevance with all these civilizations since remote past.