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Malefics Graha Dasa (Planetary Periods) - Afflictions?
Your son/Daughter is loveable, but their conducts/behavior is not likeable.
You are too intelligent and qualified, but your job/professions are unstable and unsatisfactory.
You are too near to many good chances, but those big chances are always going away, there by making you a spectator only.
You are in a high status, but the marriages of your son/daughter are delayed to your frustration. Your Bad time is not criteria. Reaching a real Astrologer and Vastu-bid is the difficult task. I can virtually offer some changes like-unhappy person » to» happy person. Unhappy married life to » pleasant married life. Business going at deficit » to» business at surplus. Any negative aspects of life» to » positive aspects.
Do you want to be prosperous with the help of your Horoscope?
Meet an expert Astrologer and Vastu BId who can guide you in right direction, not only with accurate future predictions but also make you healthy, wealthy and prosperous with the help of my powerful Kavach (Amulet). The person without Horoscope details and also meets with me to get accurate satisfactory predictions.
Scientific Techniques to Validate Vastu Shastra
A new approach for healthy Homes, Offices, Factory (Vastu) rectification with correction without breaking a single brick. Vastu Shastra Practicing more than 15 years. Vastu world helps people and business live/work healthy through its high standard of research and innovation in construction & environmental science.
Mental Tensions, differences of opinion, disputes weak concentration, kids study-Result-of a impure northeast corner.
Unhealthy children, frequent visits to doctor, weak physical growth, poor personal relationships, husband and wife differences-Result al impurity at center point of the house.
Unwanted expenses, poor investments, leakages of funds, instability at job etc. Result-under earth negativity at southwest corner of your premises. Heavy geopathic stresses, which can shake your-confidence. Special Vastu correction is only the solution-whenever you need, whenever you wish if you have faith in Astrology and Vastu Shastra-you can contact with me-by Phone or in my chamber.