Primary & small error

In many house is constructed or made with some errors. These errors are: Dikmul Land, Shallya Error (Surgical Error), Jamistar Error (land surface error), and land sloping at north-east.
1. Dikmul Land: The end of which land is not parallel to magnetic axis (north south axis) is called Dikmul Land. This type of land should be deserted. If it is not possible then design will have to make through experienced Vastubid and then house to be constructed.
2. Shallya Error: Defect of soil of the land is called Shallya Error. This is a primary defect of the land. So correction of Shallya Error must be done. Because the house is constructed on the land. In order to remove defect of such land and to make the same correct the soil of the particular place up to 3 yards deep will have to dig and those soil after removal shall have to be filled in with good soil. Though the system is very much expensive yet the system is very effective to remove the defects.
3. Jamistar Error: Jamistar (layer of the land) is very much important in Vastu Shastra. It means the slope of the land and related factors in respect of the land. According to Vastu Shastra south and west side of the land should be high and the slope side, i.e. low side will remain to north and east side. If the land position is not like this then it must be corrected by the experienced Vastubid. This cost is less than the removal of defects of Shallya Error.
4. The land cut at the north-east: If the land is cut or low at the north-east then the land is very much inauspicious. Such land should be corrected according to Vastu rules.
In the above picture the spotted land may be sold to person of the side land owner, because the low part of this land is very much harmful, but not harmful to side land. If such arrangement is not possible then some land may be purchased from north-east side and this low portion may be made even. If such two lands are available, one of which is defective, then after joining the two parts of the land the defects according to Vastu will not remain.
This Error (defect) is the result of some other Error. This defects can be removed through changing the place and changing application of the same. According to different rules of Vastu Shastra and on the basis of experience of the contemporary Vastu experts correction in such respect has been described. But the experienced Vastubid after checking the land will take decision of correction.
1. TRIKONE LAND (triangular): Trikon land is not auspicious. Before construction of house this land needs to be corrected. From this size of Trikon land size of following rectangular or square land will have to bring out for construction of house. There is no importance of direction in such land.
2. BISHAMAKRITI (ADVERSE) SIZE LAND: This type of land becomes adverse in different directions. This type of land considering the location will have to be corrected and then house is to be constructed on that corrected land.
Rectangular land has been brought out from the following adverse size land excluding extended part and following this system house can be constructed on that land.
If south-east area of the land is extended then to make the same rectangular and then to make house on it. See the picture.
Land which is extended to north-west and south-west, rectangular or square land will have to bring out from the same to construct house there. In such case south-west corner will have to be 90 degree. See the picture.
The land which is extended towards north-east house may be constructed on that land. There is no necessity of correction of this land. Because the land extended to north-east is auspicious. Please see the picture below.
Land extended to north-west and south-east shall have to be corrected to both sides and bringing out rectangular or square land house shall be constructed on that house.
If to any direction the land becomes adverse in size of rectangular then part of the up and down corners will have to be excluded according to measurement of the land and construction wall of 3 feet high the land will have to make square or rectangular.