Pointing at Love

The north –eastern balcony must never be closed, and the temptation to integrate it with a room must be completely avoided. Otherwise fortune becomes obstructed. Business deals boomerang and opportunity that is in hand vanishes. One should not plant tall, large trees in the north-east of east.
One must avoid arguments, quarrels and fights while sitting in the north-east.
According to Vastu Shastra eeshanya(north-east side or corner) is auspicious. Therefore in the house this side must always be kept clean, and neat and holy. It must be elegant with things stored. There should be no waste bin, junk old papers, unwanted things, heaps of broken down and rusted rubbish here. Brooms should not be kept in this side of the house.
The north –east must be kept open as far as possible. An earthen pot filled with water may be kept here.
The north –east must be kept open as far as possible. An earthen pot filled with water may be kept here.
It is important to light fires in the South –east as this will not anger the evil planet Effect.
It is extremely important to have at least two tulsi or basil plant in a Vastu. Where the tulsi plant grows by it self, flowers and flourishes, such a Vastu becomes auspicious. A Vastu in which the tulsi plant does not survive is likely to have some flaws.
The tulsi plant must not be neglected. The sudden stopping of a clock without reason and a neglected, unwatered tulsi plant in a Vastu, both can be indicative of some danger. Those in whose horoscope there is a Sun-Saturn or Saturn-Moon conjunction must be very careful.
The cooking platform must be so designed that while cooking the housewife faces the east.
There should be no storage of water in the South east as this may lead to a breakdown in health.
The doors and windows in the south and west must be used as little as possible. If possible they should be kept closed.
Sofa sets, iron cupboards, grinders, iron and steel implements and such other heavy articles must be kept in sloping manner from the south to the west.
As far as possible the household shrine must not be in the kitchen. Similarly there should be no heavy or trivial things kept below or above the shrine. It is quite a skillful man oeuvre to maintain the sanctity of the shrine in a kitchen
In a twenty four hour day the eight hours of night are extremely important for resting. The bedroom should not be in the north-east or east, nor south-east. Women spend most of the day at home. Naturally therefore the Vastu affects them most.
  As far as possible the doors and windows in the north must be kept open.
While sleeping one should never keep the head to the north. This causes irregular blood supply to the brain and leads to feeling uneasy all the day long. Physical or mental balance gets upset. Chronic illness may follow.
The grain store must be in the south –west.
The dining room must be in the West.
It is eminently necessary to have an auspicious symbol over the main door from the point of the safety of the Vastu and the inhabitants. These symbols may be Religious.
Like the east the northern side also must be kept open as far as possible. The balcony should not be closed.
Planet Mercury is the Planet of wealth. Mercury commands the North direction. As such the safe or cash chest in a house must be kept in the North side room. It should be abutting the South wall of this room and facing North . If there is any difficulty in making such arrangement the chest can be placed to open in East direction also. But in no case the chest should open towards West or South.
The cash Almirah should never be below beam, loft or staircase.
The Almirah containing cash or ornaments should not be kept in South- West or North West corner. At least one foot distance should be left between the walls and Almirah. The Almirah can be placed against west side walls also & opening in East.
The room where the cash Almirah is kept should normally have only one door. Its location should not be in South-West , South-East , South or North West. It should be either towards North, East or North-East; the door should have two shutter. The Almirah should not be right in front of the door , but a little sideways.
The color of the walls such room should be yellowish.
There should be window in North or East or both sides. The room is question should not be of haphazard shape. There should not be any cut in either corner, it should be square or rectangle.
The tiles should also be of same color. The yellow color is the symbol of wealth.
The Almirah must rest on its legs and not directly on floor. The cash should not be kept in the Almirah not having legs. The money doesn’t last long.
  No cobwebs should be allowed to develop in and around the cash Almirah. It must be cleaned regularly. Even the room should be kept clean . The cobwebs bring poverty.
  In front of Almirah there should not be any photo or idol of any religion God. The God should not have direct vision of the cash kept in Almirah when opened.

No corner of any room is advisable for keeping the cash Almirah, In the North-East Corner the money is spent unnecessarily. In the South West Corner the money lasts and is spent less initially; but later on expenses in illegal or immoral ways occurs. Even theft can not be ruled out. Heavy expenses occure if the Almirah is in North West Corner. There is always shortage and at times theft can also occur. As such, a little distance must always be left in between walls and Almirah.
The ruling planet of wealth is Mercury. As such on every Wednesday the cash chest should be worshipped. Similarly in the month of AGRAHAYAN which falls around December/January according to the English Calendar the chest must be worshipped on every Thursday and Friday after showering in the early morning or during Sun rise time.(You can follow everyday auspicious time which I mentioned my book Vastu Shahara-1).
Over the chest or inside, no other heavy items should be kept. As far as possible even the utensils or garments should not be kept. Even some costlier but heavy items should not be kept over the compartment in which cash is kept. Such items may be kept in the lower compartment or towards South or West sides. If the heavy materials is kept over the cash compartment and the evil effect of gravitational force acts. As far as possible built-in cupboard should be avoided for keeping cash. If unavoidable the cash should be kept in the lowermost compartment.
  The Almirah should be over the flat and level surface. Any packing required must be wooden: Bricks, stone, tiles etc. are not allowed.
  Any new Almirah purchased for keeping cash should be installed at Sunrise time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The favorable constellations are SHRAVANA, DHANISHTA, SWATI, PUNARVASU or ROHINI Stars.
No scent or perfume should be kept in the cash compartment. These flavors obstruct the positive energies.