Palm & its divisions

 Hands of all people of the world are divided into four different divisions.
First, idealistic hand, with straight, smooth, logand pointed fingers.
Second, the Realistic Hand with straight, smooth, medium length with square tipped fingers.
Third, the energetic hand, with spatulate fingers, is with the flesh growing out on all parts beyond the nail. The shape of the hand will be squarish.
Forth, the philosophic hand, with knotted joints to the fingers.
Fifth, Mixed hand, which is one as the name implies, in which two or more of this various salient points of the four typical hands are combined.
The first joint of the thumb represents will; therefore when this is short, indicates want of will-a character very impressionable and therefore easily led, when this joint is long, it indicates great power of will, and therefore force of character. The second joint represents logic judgment and reason therefore where this is long these qualities exist in excess, and where it is short, they are wanting.
The third joint, that which is outside what is called the root of the thumb or Mount of Venus-represents the power which love-more especially the love between the sexes, will have on the character. If long and thick, it implies the existence of strong passion, if short and flat a cold disposition – no attraction towards the opposite sex.
When the second joint of the thumb (reasoning power) is long, and the first (will) is short, a person having such a thumb, whilst seeing things clearly, well yet continually hesitate to act upon his judgment, he will from excellent plans, but he will rarely execute them, from the want of will. When both joints are long-will & Reason will always act in concert, and a person having such a thumb will generally be successful in life.
When the third joint of the thumb is strongly developed and long. Sensuous love will be ruling power, unless either the first or second joint is equally long, when will or reason, as the case may be, will hold sensualism in check. Poets have frequently the first joint fairly long; the third is almost always large, full and long. In the relative length of the three divisions of the fingers the three separate influences – that of the soul mind and body.
Smooth, soft fingers whatever the form of their always indicate a certain amount of intutive perception and a feeling for art. Knowly fingers, hard of texture indicate reflective order, aptitude for exact sciences and for agriculture and navigation. Thus to resume before entering upon the special description of the qualities given by each typical hand, he who has small thumbs, smooth and pointed fingers, is three times destined to the ideal in art and literature, whilst he who has square tipped fingers, with knothed joints and a large thumbs is three times signaled as a follower of science, Reason and Realism.