Own shop

If the shop is of own proprietorship or the shop can be purchased then the following instruction should be complied to get good result.
First to see the size of the shop room. If it is square or rectangular then it is good. If the shop is of good shape then it will have to be amended.
If the same is not possible to do according to Vastu Shastra then the said shop room should not be taken.
It has been told before that the shop with road at east and west is good. If west, south or south-west is opened then also the shop room will be good.
If north-east is extended to a little then the shop is better.
Door of the shop room will remain open at the north or east. Show case will not be set to the north-east side.
Show case will be set at the south or west side. Show case will not be set at the north-east side.
Materials stock of the shop will be placed at south-west, south or west side.
Materials of the shop will have to be kept at the rack of south-west, west or south side.
If attic or garret or Mejenine floor is to be constructed then the same will have to be done towards south and west side. It will never be done at the east or north side.
In the shop room prayer place, sacred lines or symbol will have to be placed at north-east corner. The place will remain nit and clean and no material will be kept here. If space is not available then sacred lines or symbol will have to be written in small showcases.
Owner or the manager will sit at the south-west side, so that their faces remain north or east direction.
Other employees will sit in such way that their faces will remain towards north or east direction while work.
Fund, passbook, accounts book etc. will be kept in the Almirah in such way that when it will be opened then its face to the north or east side.
Water arrangement in the shop will remain to the north-east or east side.