North facing shop

If the shop is constructed according to Vastu Shastra then particular facilities will be achieved if the shop is made facing the north. North facing shop will have to be made leaving a space from the north boundary wall (the space will have to leave according to rules of the municipality and city corporation). Entrance staircase for the customer may be made to the left place. Owner of the shop will sit facing north-east of the eastern side on the chair having table at the north-west corner of the western side. Cash box and Almirah will remain to his right side. If the shop owner wishes then he can keep the cash box or Almirah on a stool at the right side. If wants the shop owner will be able to sit on the floor. Cash box or Almirah may be kept at the south-west corner.
Customers of the shop will enter through north-east of the north or north side. Making stock of materials, protection of the same exhibiting the sacred verses or symbol shall be done according to south and west facing shops.
The owner of the north facing shop as far as possible leaving north-west corner will arrange his seat. If this type of sitting arrangement is not available then there will be possibility of facing cases and unnecessary harassments.