Nine planets and horoscope

The relation of existence of the house with nine planets is very much important according to Vastu Shastra. How much the existence of the house will remain relating the location of the specific planet to the specific Lagna have also been explained and enumerated by the Vastu-astrologers.
While construction of the house if Venus, mercury, sun and Jupiter remain at the center of Dasham (10th house) and ekadash (11th house) of the Lagna respectively then the house will exists for hundred years. Jupiter in fourth house, moon in the tenth and Saturn or mars in the ekadash (11th) will help the house to exist for eighty years.
While construction of house if the Jupiter, mercury, Venus, Saturn remains sixth, seventh, fourth and third place of the Lagna then the house will remain for hundred years. Venus in the Lagna, sun in the third, mars in the sixth house and Jupiter in the fifth and then the said house will sustain for two hundred years. Either village or town, moon in the Lagna, Jupiter in the seventh room, mercury or Venus in the tenth, and if the mercury remains in the same Lagna then the house if constructed at that time will sustain for six hundred years. If the Venus in the Lagna, Jupiter in its specific place then the owner of the house will survive for long time and the house will remain standing for eight hundred years. Sun in the Lagna, Jupiter in the seventh house, and moon in the tenth house and if the house is constructed under this circumstances then it will sustain for thousand years.
Jupiter during high cancer in the fourth section or Libra while in the ekadash (11th) place and if the house is constructed then the house will remain full of wealth and prosperity throughout the life.
Vastu Shastra bid also needs help from the astrologer. Vastu Shastra bid first determines the land whether living or dead before construction of the house. Then he determines the sleep and waking of the land. All these are not possible without help of the astrology. Main gate of the house, day of the building or land purchase and construction commencement, auspicious day of entrance, moment according to tithi and others are to be determined according to horoscope who will make the house.
According to Vastu Shastra village selection, direction selection, digging well, cultivation, seedlings, seed plantation, house construction, door selection, entrance moment are done on the basis of astrology. So Vastu Shastra and astrology are related to each other and complementary.