Multistoried commercial building

This is a place which we call market. At present two storied three storied buildings as market is not being constructed to purchase daily necessities because of heavy population pressure. Now the market has turned to high rise building. These we see in the name of commercial complex while reading about it in the newspapers. All the rules and regulation of Vastu Shastra in respect of shop will be applicable in case of large commercial complex and in spite of those some more instructions will have to be followed.
Staircase and lift will be at the south-west, west and south side. The staircase will move clock-wise while going up.
Water tank/reservoir will remain at the north-east corner, east side or north of the east.
Office room will be from third floor and corridor will remain between the house and hall room.
Basement, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor will be for the shop, hotel and insurance office.
Car parking place will be at the north, north-east and east side of the complex, or it will be face to face outside of the complex.
Electrical generator will be placed at the east-south side.
Toilet will be at the north-west and south-west and the height of the toilet will be 2 feet high from the floor.
Flower garden will be made at the north-east side and north side and definitely the same is auspicious according to Vastu Shastra.
Boundary wall of the complex will be to the south and west side and this will save us from the ultra violet ray in the afternoon. At the same time infra red ray shall be available more and we shall be benefited from this ray. This will be auspicious. We get infra red ray during sun rise to noon. But if we keep the boundary wall high at the north and east side then we shall not get good business as per expectation.
Basement will have to be made at the north-east, north and east side. Under no circumstances this may be done at the south-west corner. If it is done at the north-west corner then height of it will a little more than north-east, north and east side. If the basement is done at the south-west then it will bring loss to the commercial complex. All these sides are advised to keep high in the Vastu Shastra and also advised not to make any ditch to this side.
Servants’ residence will have to be constructed at the south-east and north-east.
Overhead water tank placement at the south-west is the best. If such places are not available then it will be done at the north-west side.
Residence of the security guards will be at the south-west corner near the main entrance. Face of the room will be towards east or north-west corner, so that security guards can see everything.
Residence of the servants will not touch the north and east boundary wall.