Multistoried building or apartment

Indians particularly the Vastubid of India have written in different books that living in the residence of others are contrary to respect. So construction of own house is necessary. If we think the matter from the view point of Islam then we shall not accept the said concept. In India also people live in the house of other in exchange of money and accordingly the same is done throughout the world. There is no such country where there is no tenancy system. Since the person will live in exchange of a specific amount of money so it can not be considered to be contrary to personal respect. The ancient Indian saints have told like this to keep the general people under slavery and the system still exists in whole of India. They are divided in many sects like Brahmins, Khatryio, Chakrabarty and the likes and we the Muslims are not divided in such way. We have only one and that is Mohammadi Group. We owe only to one Allah and our places of worship are Makkah and Medina.
  Respected readers don’t be a sinner reading such book. I have told you before in this respect and you have also read that Vastu, Astrology, Tantrashastra are discovered first by the Muslim scientists. Tan + Mantra = Tantra. This means that if anybody in active health and body recites any Ayat or Surah then it is a tantra.Mantra never means a bad verse. The word has come from Sanskrit and this the only difference. I am telling this because some people after 2000 came to me and told -------we live in the house of others, and we are being devoid of self respect and at the same time they showed some books, published from India (we have a tendency to follow others nature and style and thoughts). I explained the matter to them and they could understand. In Bangladesh many Hindu family of respect lives in house of Muslim as tenants. Should we think that they have no respect? The same is in case other followers of different religions. If we undertake opinion of the Indian Vastubid then 88% people will have to live under open sky. So you will have to think that you live respectably as tenant and till you will pay rent of the living portion the said portion is owned by you. The thing is that you have no ownership document. So what! You are not taking help. You pay money for your residence.
You should not bear a wrong concept and for this purpose I wrote this chapter.
I shall not give instance of ancient period and this is not necessary also. Accommodation problem for high population is not in Bangladesh only but throughout the world. Men have created multistoried building for residence that we call as apartment building. My birth place is Motijheel, Dhaka. My father’s house is at Kamlapur Jasimuddin Road. The places we used then to play football, volleyball is now the place of government quarters building. In our are we had many buildings of multistoried which were not existed before. The land has become short. Now the ditches, unused land are also being selected for the purpose of residential building. This is proved by the advertisement in the daily newspapers. Residents of the town are prone to the apartments and the people are getting apartments within their financial reach. It comes to think about pollution. The extent of height will determine pollution quantity. The place is high, the pollution is less. This is one of the reason for multistoried building. The person who will make design of the flat house and multistoried building will have to be efficient in his function. It will be better if the architect or the engineer who will construct the building have knowledge on Vastu Shastra. But this is an irony of fate that in my experience I have found none like this and if I could find then there would have been no necessity of changing the homestead. Bangladesh government has not yet confirmed any policy in this respect and Rajuk, City Corporation, Municipal Corporation has not undertaken any practical step in this regards.
Either it is multistoried building or a small building the discipline in the soul of the designer shall have to be expresses in the outward design. As a result the person or the thing will come to his attachment will influenced by that discipline and at the same time the is shaped to that direction. A building which should be constructed considering environment and the emotional and sensitive concept of the discipline shall must follow the norms of Vastu Shastra. The residents in that place will enjoy life long living. This is necessary to attach this with the purity of the nature with a single tune and that will give way to creation and also gives comfort and peaceful life of human being. This is the base of all arts according to scriptures. Either it is a multistoried building or it is a road the planners will have to be diligent and will provide the utmost attention to make the design with natural tune and flow inside the soul.
The qualities of architect that shall be examined by the person who will make multistoried building are as follows:
The qualities of the inner concept: Determination, discipline, creativity and all are the parts of practical personal endeavor.
Outward Expression: Concept of different dimension or the things, which can be touched, the thing that is expression of creation of the planner. The relation between creation and the user of the creation should be established according to Vastu Shastra. The user will find a sense of resemblance while using the created thing. The basic undertaking is that we shall have to bring deep peace of mind, discipline of creation with expression of choice (according to Vastu Shastra). Because the person who see the created place they get inspiration and the meaning of giving the beautiful thing is progress of soul and achievement of knowledge of self.
Work Procedure: Science of beauty, and spiritual prosperity of his homestead, i.e. concept of reaction of the homestead.
Designer: To understand resident, open space and home, i.e. shape and size center place.
Surrounding natural condition and reflection.
Significance of moving to particular direction.
Importance of size, color and area of the constructed building.
Importance of cosmology of human being.