Managal Yantram

It has been told in the Skanda Puran (ancient scripture) that Mangal Yantram gives wealth, destroys loan, removes all impediments of work and saves land from evil influence.
In a distinguished book “Mansar” some important matter has been depicted according to Vastu Shastra.
If there is better than the bad then there will be no loss. But if the bad becomes more than the good then it is harmful and according to Vastu this is defective Vastu.
It has been told before that “Vastu Biddya” (Vastu Shastra Education) is an ancient thought of hundreds and thousands of years. This is a thing to be understood well, to have clear concept on the thing. At the present period this should be taken with importance and correctly to construct building and living. At the same time this will have to be remembered that considering present requirement of construction of buildings and flats we should not keep the consideration in respect of Vastu Shastra out while construction of buildings and flats.
Sree Yantram is for the Non Muslims. No Muslims will keep this Yantram in the Vastu or room.
According to verse of Veda power is the source of creation of the cosmic world and the main worship of worships is the worship of power. If wants to achieve end of the Power worship it will need Sree Biddya. Sree Yantram is the Yntramraj. If Sree Yantram is worshipped then all evils are destroyed and earn virtue.
In Germany, especially West Germany, Joypur of India 100 percent buildings are constructed according to law of Vastu Shastra. Among these Joypur Town is made 100 percent on the basis of Vastu and having no Vastu Error. Almost all of the establishments in West Germany are made following the rules of Vastubidhan (Vastu Application).
Besides the above other country, town, city, port are with Vastu Error. Muslim countries do not follow the rules of Vastu while construction of any establishment. Very backward situation is existed in Bangladesh. None of the residents construct their houses, factory offices and shops according to Vastubidhan. As a result children almost in all the families are being obstinate and antagonistic and this situation is increasing. Vastu means any construction establishment. Children are being attached with different crimes for being related with establishment with Error according to Vastu. Husbands and wives are not living happily as there remains quarreling. Many of them are attached with illicit relation with others. Geographical infrastructure and location of Bangladesh is such that the country can be saved from natural calamity, riots, political unrest, earthquake etc. if constructions are made according to Vastubidhan.
Japan at present is remaining at the top in science and technology application. But the country faces earthquake disaster. If the country is made according to Vastu Shastra or if the existing establishments are corrected then the country can be saved from natural calamity like earthquake. It will be that during the first 05 years the country will be saved from earthquake of level 3-4 magnitudes and thereafter if there is earthquake of that level then no damage will happen. While Vastu correction demolition of your establishment of choice will not be done. The day, time under auspicious elements like time etc. and in the auspicious Tithi this correction is done under permission of head of the family.
NOTE: The countries like Japan, Bangladesh and others will be saved from disaster with effect from 18 days of starting Vastu correction.
Now the question is that how a Vastu Shastravid will make correction of apartment, house, office, factory, shop and other establishments. An experienced Vastu Shastravid will at first earn knowledge on the geographical location and situation of the country to which the correction shall be done. Then he will see how much upper is the location of the country from sea surface. Then he will examine the existing establishments surrounding the place, its height, location, directions and all other aspects according to Vastu Shastra then he will make correction of the same. You, particularly my permanent customers know that I am the first in this respect among the 15 crore (150million) Bangladeshi.
By the grace of Almighty Allah I obtained Ph. D. Degree on Vastu Shastra from New Age International University Saborga of Italy. My dissertation was Cosmology and Vastu Application. Rajeshshori Consultation Ltd. has now attained 346 years on 15 Baisakh, 1414 Bangabda (Bengali Year) and I am the fifth generation who is conducting this esteemed establishment. We have been approved by the government and Rajeshshori Jyotisalaya is registered under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies by the government of Bangladesh with authorized capital 10 millions. The objective to mention the above information is that we are the oldest organization of this type in Bangladesh (second in the subcontinent). So our ancestors have written 600003 (six lac three) Sutra and application procedure on Vastu Shastra, among which 81,000 points are related only with Vastu Shastra.
While browsing the modern web Vastu Web site with the help of equipment like pyramid or with Swastika Chinha, mirror or glass they are telling to make correction. But way of application of Pyramid will not be usable in all countries and definitely not in Bangladesh. In order to achieve experience I have commissioned Pyramid equipment in my chamber and residence, but no significant result I have gained during the last one year. But in state affairs pyramid may be used and before that we shall have to know which are the elements needed for making pyramid. If we make a pyramid correctly of the size 4.1/2 and 4.1/3 inch then we shall have to incur expenditure more or less 690 US Dollar. But in the different websites of the world the pyramid is sold on a price of 6 to 10 US Dollar. I have been making correction of Vastu with natural resources (those created by Almighty Allah) and using different mollusc (different color and size). Correction cost of an apartment or house of 1500 square feet needs cost amounting to Taka 7,000/- to 10.000/= in Bangladesh. If the apartment size is small then cost will be less. But in case of factory the cost will be different.