Influence of vastu in human life

Human life is also in many parts influenced with the Vastu influence of residence. In many of our old scriptures many influence like this have been stated in details.
If the east side of the residence (living place, business organization or any other construction work place) becomes sloping then future generation of the family increases, if the north side is sloping then wealth increases, south side sloping brings death and sloping to the west side makes loss of wealth.
In the ancient scripture the month has been mentioned to construct house. In some month’s construction of houses bring welfare, prosperity and in some months if the house is constructed then it becomes harmful. If the house is constructed in the month of Baisakh (From15/04 to 15/05 in the Gregorian calendar) then achievement of wealth is happened, if in Jaistha (16th may to 15th June) then death, in the Asharh (16th June to 15th July) it is auspicious and wealth achieving, but livestock can not be kept there. If the house is constructed in the month of Sravan(16th July to 15th August) then it is auspicious and achievement of gold and son is happened, in the month of Bhadra(16th August to 15th September) this is not good and may be harmful, in the month of Aswin(16th September to15th October) if done then wife will die, in the Kartik(16th October to 15th November) if constructed then the owner will be rich with crops, in the month of Agrahayan(16th November to 15th December) it is good, in the month of Poush(16th December to 15th January) if constructed then there will be fear of thief, if constructed in the month of Magh(16th January to 14th February) then definitely there will be fear from fire, in the month of Falgun(15th February to 15th March) this will bring gold and son and if done in the month of Chaitra(16th March to 15th April) then there will be ailments always.
It has been told in the astrology that if house is constructed in the months of Baisakh, Asharh, Sravan, Agrahayan, Falgun and Kartik then love of wife and wealth are achieved.
It has been told in the ancient scriptures that construction of house, palace, well and pond on any day except Sunday will give auspicious result.
If the house is constructed in the Suklapakkha (the period up to full moon) then the same becomes good and if the same is done during Krishnapakkha (the period up to the last day of moon) there ill be fear of thief.
House owner dies if the house is constructed on the head of Nag, if on the back then death of wife and son, if at the tail then loss of money, if in the lap then the house owner becomes wealthy.
King Bhoj has told that east west direction house should be constructed in Souro Sravan, Falgun, Bhadrapada, and in the month of Magh.South and north direction house should be constructed in the month of Kartik, Baisakh, Jaistha, and Agrahayan. If these percepts are not complied then ailments, sorrow and loss of money are happened. House should never be constructed during Souro Chaitra, Poish, Asharh and Aswin months.
Counting result of Dhawaja the result has been told that if the house is constructed in the place of Dhawaja then achievement of wealth will be held. At the same time if the house is constructed at Dhumrasthan, then it will bring death. If the house is constructed in Lion then reputation will come and if it is made in Shan then it will bring disaster. If it is made in Brisha then he will be lustful and in Khar it brings ailments. It becomes Gojeki if the house is constructed in Goj and if made in Kakpada then the owner dies.