Holiday resort

Holiday home is such residence out side of the house where you can get rest and comfort and peace of mind. We live a monotonous life for our work and profession and for different purpose we lead a mechanical life. We need some separate taste of life and separate diverse length in life in some different place and then we run towards our holiday home or holiday resort. There are some norms and instruction of such holiday home and holiday resort.
Land for the holiday home or holiday resort will have to be selected as we select for our homestead. The place will be attractive.
If we want to get good result from such holiday home and holiday resort then the north, north-east or east side will be lower. If there is river, pond, small water bodies, spring, water fall or flow of water then its should be towards east from the west or to the north from the south. If there is no natural water flow then following rules of those directions artificial spring of water or water fall may be made.
It will be auspicious if we have highland or small mountainous land at the south or south-west side. Hall room for Yoga and motivation in the holiday home or holiday resort should be at the north-east or east side, and this will provide mental peace surely.
Park or flower gardens should be made at the east and north side. Big beautiful trees may be planted at the south or east side.
Health club, parlor, sun bath place and massaging arrangement will have to be made at the east side. Golf, tennis, badminton, squash court will have to be made at the north-west side.
Beautiful cottages in the holiday home and holiday resorts will have to be made at the south and west side. Doors to enter to these will remain open to east, north-east or west direction. Living arrangement in such cottages will be made in such way that while sleeping head will remain to the south, east or west and under no circumstances it will be to north direction.
Electrical equipment and accessories such as heater, air conditioner etc. will remain at the south-east of the cottage.
Music room or entertainment room will be at the north-west side. It will be good if music room or entertainment room are constructed in the vacant space of this sides.