Gem stones made of synthetically

Human being is the best of creation. It is a proverb that there is nothing impossible for men. Men have done and doing many impossible to possible. They are not tracked back in case of Gem stones. Men has become able to make Gem stones imitation.
Men have eternal demand to Gem stones. Since early age Gem stones are being used. Human being has given particular emphasis on pearls and still they are giving. Emerald, diamond, pearl, topaz, opal, onyx etc. Gem stones are mainly mineral items. Gem stones are made of high pressure and heat under the earth. Due to the said reason pure Gem stones are not easily available and at the same it is of high cost. These are beyond reach of the general people.

So the modern technology has come forward to make the Gem stones easily available. As a result it has become possible to make synthetic Gem stones, which are almost equal in merits and standard of natural ones. Ad the synthetic Gem stones are now available so these have now under reach of the general people and these are now available throughout the world.
This endeavour of making synthetic Gem stones was in the ancient period also. Sample of different types of Gem stones made of Egypt and Romans are seen in the museum. But all these are ineffective in merits and standard. In true sense of the term the success has come recently in the laboratory of the scientists.
Synthetic Gem stones can be divided clearly in some separate groups, such as:
Synthetic doublet
Imitation: is done following the system of natural Gem stones. Generally they are not like natural Gem stones in quality, merit and standard except the quality of seeing similar in eye. In this way some other things alike to see similar are made like the Gem stones with much care and following procedure. But making such Gem stones like natural ones have been brought to the reach of the general people. From this point of view these has some utility definitely.
Imitation is made of particular type of glass materials. This glass needs to be pure, free from small bubble and to that effect much care is taken. It id tried to give form and dazzling of natural Gem stones after rubbing glass to different surface. The lower surface of these cut surface are given reflecting quality like mirror, so that to some extent dazzling of natural Gem stones appear. However this is not difficult to make difference between synthetic stone and natural stone. These are not very hard, so that it is easy to make scratch on it with file or something hard. Since its conduction power is less so it appears a little hit on touch. In case of refracting index of light it has a big difference with natural Gem stones. Besides, if X-ray is taken then it is seen that the synthetic Gem stones have no crystallized form
On the other hand Synthetic Gem stones: in all meanings are like natural Gem stones. Not being formed in the nature slowly it has been made through synthetic form with equipment combining different materials. This is an imitation to this meaning only. From the physical point of view, such as chemical formation, crystallization, light quality and with other physical qualities these have no difference with natural Gem stones.
It is very much costly to make synthetic Gem stones. So this is applied only in case of precious Gem stones. At present synthetic diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald are being available.
After a tremendous endeavor attachment of doublet stone became possible in Sweden in the year 1955. Formation of diamond made of pure carbon is easy but difficult to bring the carbon to its crystallized form. In maximum high pressure and with 2500 degree Celsius. High pressure and consuming long time the carbon doublet Gem stones have been possible to make. Modern technology has become a bit easy and Japan has advanced to this effect. There is a facility of crystallized stone and it is that it can be colored according to choice after infusing ingredients of different matters. At first doublet diamond became so little that it was not fit to use as stone. But since decade of seventy diamonds is being crystallized in such form and size that it has become able to be stone and at the same time production cost of the same is being less. Ruby and sapphire in fact are the same stone and except its color through flow of oxygen and hydrogen maximum heat is derived and in it meting the powder of aluminum oxide and then after crystallization ruby and sapphire are made synthetic. If chromium oxide is mixed in specific quantity while making then the color of ruby becomes red and if titanium oxide is given then color becomes blue after long period endeavor emerald was possible to be made in the year 1930.
Synthetic doublets are: though there is light cover of natural stone yet it is added with greater part of the synthetic or low quality stone.
The technology to make doublet stone is mentionable. In it part of the costly light upper part of natural stone is added to lower part synthetic with adhesive. In case of doublet of diamond light original diamond is added with such crystals which are comparatively of low cost like zircon or rock crystal. In it the dazzling light of the diamond is absent to some extent, though it alike to see from all other sides. In order to make doublet of ruby, sapphire, or emerald generally light cover of transparent crystal named almandine are given on the top and in lower glass of proper color is used.
Synthetic Gem stones are an extraordinary product of modern technology.
It has been observed after analyzing imitation and doublets Gem stones that these are not proper to achieve good result. Crystallized Gem stones are almost equal to natural Gem stones if these are used in a large quantity.
When merits of he Gem stones are the main object then we can not expect that imitation Gem stones will give us result like natural or pure Gem stones to us. When there is inauspicious of the planets and when there is expectation to prevent diseases and other evils of life then natural or pure Gem stones use is the main necessity.
Discussion is done on Gem stones of imitation, so that the intending person can not be the prey of deception while buying and using natural Gem stones and pure Gem stones. It is really hard to identify the real and natural Gem stones. So it is necessary to take advice of astrologers while buying or using the Gem stones.