Garden According

Some specific rules have been stated in the Quaran for plantation of trees.
According to them different plants and trees should be planted surrounding the household. It has been told to explain importance of plantation according to scriptures that before making hose a garden should be made on the place, so that the soil quality can be assessed.
According to scripture if Bale tree is planted in house then the said house remain full of prosperity throughout generation after generation. If anybody plants flower and fruit tree and plants then he will enjoy its good result.
According to Vastu Shastra garden should be made near the homestead. This garden will have to be made at the north-east side of the house. The garden will be full of flower tree and will be decorated with different trees and plants. If there is any water body or pond in the garden then it will give more benefit. Blood circulates in the human body and accordingly the water body will have to be made in such way that water can be moved from one place to another. If done so then it will give the result according to Vastu Shastra. If fish can be arranged to live in such pond then it will be more attractive.
Office, homesteads, multistoried building, housing complex, hospital, library school and college building and its surrounding places should be decorated with garden to make the place attractive with enchanting beauties and at the same time it keeps the environment well.
It is most surprising that in the Brikkha Ayurveda rock garden, and cave, artificial forests, trees and plants have been told to make the same artificially. This rock garden will have to be made at the south-west side.
Tulshi and other medicinal small trees should be planted at the north-east side. The trees which have big leafs will have to be planted at the south-west side and the fruit tree will have to be planted at the middle of these two.
Bel tree, Ashok tree
Durba, Kath, Pakur, Shami
Medicinal trees and plants, Tulshi and Amloki
Large tree say Tetul
Gulmohar, Golap, Dumur
Bedana, Dalim
It is not good to remain a big tree in front of the main entrance of the house. This creates door breaking. The trees which produce white gum like rubber tree, chhatim, manasa, cactus, bonsai etc. are inauspicious. Again the trees with thorns like cactus are inauspicious. But the rose is exception. Plants decorative flower tree can be placed on the boundary wall. The houses by the side of big road should be planted with Nim and Ashok trees. Nim protects from pollution and insects and the Ashok tree protects from sound pollution.
Each homestead has a boundary wall. Tree will have to be planted to make the boundary wall strong according to ancient scriptures. Not only that big size stones also be placed rounding the tree, as advised.
So telling about plantation of trees, actually it has been told to make a good friendship with the environment. This will help to reduce pollution, to clean the town and to keep the place green and not only that it will help the society.