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20 Years Total Astrology Report (English& Bangla)

Please request this report for a full astrological analysis of your chart.
This is a complete report covering:
A Detailed prediction of life over 21 years covering:
  1. General events.
  2. Career.
  3. Health.
  4. Finances.
  5. Advice on investments.
  6. Marriage.
  7. Children.
  8. Suggestion of remedies, gemstones, Talisman, Amulet and others.
  9. Opportunities to ask 5 specific questions.
  10. A detailed casting of the horoscope.
  11. A detailed interpretation of planet in your birth chart and their significance. You can request this more than 81 pages report covering analysis, predictions and charts for a composite run down on your life.
2. CAREER HOROSCOPE REPORT: (English & Bangla)  

Career Analysis with 20 years forecast

Career Horoscope contains the following:

Areas suitable for success in work / least amount of resistance (I give a list of areas/ industries suitable for you)

Suitable mode of earning you living: Business (with or w/o partner) / Profession work without manufacturing like consulting / sales etc or job 

What would be most suitable?

Job / Service: Private sector / Government / Business / Profession Area of work line -- manufacturing, consultancy, agency, service industries, research, etc.

What kind of product / category is suitable: art & culture, banking & investment, chemical engineering & architecture, luxury items, entertainment, metal / mining, farming, real estate, research, science & technology etc?

Predictions for the next (up to) 10 years in career including times of promotion / transfer / problems / set backs & periods within with you should avoid changes and need to be cautious.

for one partnership Analysis, for more please send mail / Subject to discussion.

Business and enterprises run on the ideas and efforts of visionary people. The talent in a person some times is the only limitation that holds him down.

Usually when people come together to work on a project or business, it involves working of their common fortunes. 

With the help of this analytical report I help you find out:

The overall compatibility.
Whether similar luck pattern would operate in the future to ensure that you would be working together on a long term basis.
Whether partnership business suits both or all partners at the same time.
Temperament compatibility to each other.
Instincts and reactions to various situations to ensure comfort level in the business.
An analysis of personalities to decide which person should hold the stable parts and which person is good for promotional & interactive part of the business.
Whether partnership business suits both the person.
4. Financial Status Astrology Report. (English & Bangla)  

* Financial status Astrology Report 10 Years 

Astrology is a very good means of finding out many financial patterns which are not visible to outsides and sometimes even to you. 

With the means of Vedic Astrology I am able to determine:

Level of accumulation of money in a person’s life.
What are the age beyond / up to which finances would be positive.
Sources of inflows of money.
Areas in which money can be earned.
Success in investments.
Any combinations (habits) which make money matters negative for you.
Periods of highs and lows.

Based on this calculation is my Financial Status Astrology Report which includes:
Most suitable ways to earn money. (Business / Job etc)
Areas in which success is possible.
Investments: Whether favorable / disfavourable.
Any bad combination of planets holding back monetary success.
Positive and Negative Period in the coming times.

You can order your report too!
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6. Marriage and Love Consultation Report (English & Bangla) - view sample  

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8. One years prediction with natal chart (English and Bangla) - view sample
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