Four fingers of the hand

The fingers are the index of the type of palm. So the fingers are to be studied carefully before anything.
It is the finger of touching and pointing. If straight and well-developed, it shows the power of observation and leadership, self-respect and pride. When bent towards the second finger, this power is diminished, but shows readiness to fulfill domestic obligations. When it leans towards the thumb pride and non-interference are show a very short finger makes the person shy and moral. A Very long forefinger, reaching to the tip of the middle finger, makes him foolhardy, arrogant and over-ambitious. Such a person does not hesitate to insult others. A conic finger denotes refinement, sensitivity and adaptability to the outside world. A pointed finger shows quick apprehension. If the finger is so long and the first phalange of the thumb shows will power, the person is of a dominating nature. But if the will is weak, and the person has the desire of self-assertion but lacks the will to act, he suffers from complexity. When this finger is smaller than the third finger, the is not self-assertive and suffers from an inferiority complex., if longer than the third finger, in a heavy hand of pink colour accompanied by good sings., children of such a person are able and well-placed. If this finger is very small and the Fate Line is defective, he marries a woman older than him and his conjugal relations are not harmonious.
Difference in the nails of the Jupiter finger of both hands shows development of intelligence Unequal nails of this finger in both hands show wisdom and mental development.
This finger is concerned with the stomach, liver, gall bladder and spleen. If it is bent towards the second finger and its nail is of a pale colour, weakness of any of these organs can occur. If the base phalange is thick, the person can suffer from rheumatism or rheumatism or sciatica. When the middle phalange is thin and bony, lung weakness is shown.
The position of the finger in a palm originates the name given to it. This keeps the balance between consciousness (ego) and sub consciousness. If it is not longer than the other fingers, which is very rare, the person becomes reckless. If rectangular tip and of normal length, the person is methodical and reasonable.
If this finger is long but twisted and other marks corroborate it, the person can commit murder in certain situations. If reasonably long, the person is prudent and steadfast. If short, he is contented. When the middle finger leans towards the index finger, which is small, and the fourth finger is crooded, the person has criminal tendencies crooked fingers show lack of peace of mind.
If the first phalange of this is much longer than the other phalanges, the person suffers from melancholy and superstition. If the middle phalange is longer than the others, the person can be an astrologer.
The nail of this finger grows faster than the nails of other fingers.
This finger shows artistic taste, desire for wealth and fame. If straight and rectangular and equal in length to the index finger the subject’s emotions are under control and balanced. He is wise and of good nature, gains money and fame through artistic pursuits. If it goes to nail phalange of the second finger, it denotes well-being of the parental side of the person.
If the finger is longer than the index finger, speculation, vanity and green for money are indicated. He gambles in all things in life. If unusually long, gambling tendency is intensified.
When it leans towards the middle finger faces difficulties and disappointments if life due to criminal tendencies. Medically, it shows some organic cardiac disease, provided the moons are missing on all finger-nails, Spatulate tips show artistic talents, pointer tips superstition. When the first phalange is longer than the others, the person is religious.
When the mercury finger is long and reaches the nail phalange of the Sun finger, it shows power of expression, oratory, tactfulness and ability in negotiations. The person earns by speculation, if other confirmatory signs are present.
It this finger is short or fails to reach the joint of the second phalange of the third finger, the person is subject to mental and behavioral deviations and may get a quarrel some spouse. A short finger denotes a short temper, and a long finger makes the person able to forgive and forget. If this finger is low set, the person has to struggle to earn his livelihood.
A long third phalange of this finger shows shrewdness in a good hand and fourth fingers lock together, without leaving any space between them, the husband and wife to together united, but if the little finger stands apart from the third finger, the possessor acts independently of his/her spouse. It also shows originality.
If the lower phalange is knotty and the upper one is conical, the person is erotically responsive and receptive but inhibited by a critical attitude. When this finger is bent forward, it shows secretiveness and ambiguity in relationship with one’s partner. When the tip of this finger touches the joint of the first phalange of the third finger, the person will rise higher than other members of his family.
If the nail phalange is bent outwards, the subject is sensitive to noise. He has a keen sense of hearing and is intellectual. If the third phalange is slightly rectangular, the person is phonetically and linguistically talented.
It is finger of management, tact and ability to use talent. If it stands apart from the rest of the fingers, the sexual function does not fit harmoniously with the person’s entire personality. It shows too small or too large an emphasis on sex within the personality. This finger leaning towards the palm and clinging to the third finger indicates prudishness.
A deeply set finger shows difficulty in partner relationships and, if the thumb is also deeply set, the situation is aggravated.
A thick lower phalange in a woman indicates that her ovaries are affected. Bladder and kidney trouble is shown by an inward bent of the top phalange.
If the finger curves gently inwards, the person often speaks a lie to save the feelings of others. The inward bend also reflects the need for freedom and self-expression.
When twisted sideways and the first and second phalanges bend towards the Sun finger, the person is self-indulgent and dishonest.
If the third and fourth fingers are set lower than the first and second fingers, the person has to struggle hard in life.