Five elements theory and vastu

Creation is made of five elements. Theory has been acted upon it. These five elements are: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Atmosphere. In the same way these five elements have been accumulated in human body. In the same way any construction, establishment of the world are consisted of these five elements theory. So in general or particular meaning this five elements theory is active on all. Human being has become able to identify the mystery of the theory. But the power of making the keen and unseen internal relation and existence of these five elements consistent according to own will is out of capacity. So we shall have to live without hindering the five elements based system of the nature. If interference is happened in the said system then some disaster may happen in life. If we read the rules of Vastu Shastra then we shall be able to understand that if we make drawings of our houses and business places maintaining consistency with nature then residents of those places will have very good and sophisticated relation with each other and so they will lead a peaceful life.
There are scientific attitude behind the rules or decisions of Vastu Shastra. Not only has that significant scientific base remained behind the same. Influence of solar ray on the earth, magnetic area of the earth, air speed and its influence and such other things remain which are significantly addressed.
We know solar ray of the morning is very good for human health, but the same solar ray in the evening is harmful to human body.
There are unlimited number of planets and stars in the cosmic region. This world is one of the planets among them. Its existence in rotating condition in a place of this cosmic area. The unlimited number of stars and planets in the space out of the world are existing and that space we call sky or space.
Many mysteries are being happened always in this space. Influence of stars and planets from the space are falling upon the world always. Light, heat, magnetic power and many other powers are coming on this world from the space.
Power of gravitation is mentionable among them. For these reason waves are being made in the atmosphere or ocean or river. These influences are also falling on the animals of the world. Astrology or astronomy has been formed relating influence on lives, particularly on the lives of human being. Astronomy is related to sun, moon, mars, and other planet and stars etc. planets and Rashi (Zodiac Sign). Planets and stars and horoscope are influencing on the earth. One of the characteristics of the sky is sound.
 Air :
We know that air is the combination of different gases. Oxygen 21%, Nitrogen 78% and the remaining are different gases like helium, neon, argon, carbon dioxide etc. Air is the main component of animal life. Existence of no living being is possible without air. Sound has been created on the earth since there is air. Air carries the sound, and sense or touch are coming from the earth. Sound and touch are the characteristics of the air.
 Fire :
Fire is the source of all power. Solar power, electrical power, atomic power, and animal power are available from fire. Heat and light are created from this fire. We can not think life without heat and light. Characteristics of it are sound, touch and appearance.
 Water :
The most necessary elements of living being life is water. Recently it has been known that there is not a drop of water in the moon. As a result there is no existence of life there. Since in our world we have water so the abundance of life existed, nature has so much green. Trees and plants, human being, birds and animals all need water. Of the whole world the portion occupied by water is three and only one is by land. The blood that is flowing in our body is containing mostly hemoin and oxygen. Water is remaining in that blood. If we see to the world cannel, river, ocean even the cloud in the sky also contain water. Liquid solution has been created in the world for this water. Characteristics of water are sound, touch, appearance and solution.
 Earth :
Earth or the world is a large magnet, in which there are North Pole and South Pole. Different attractions have been created for this. Gravitation power is existing through this magnetic field. For this reason result of sense and no sense are observed in the world. These means worldly and unworldly powers are observed.
Two ends of the world is remaining twenty-third midday position, for which six months of the year is northern solstice and another six months of the year is southern solstice. The world is moving on its own axis from west to east, as a result of which days and nights are being happened. The earth centering the sun is moving round through its orbit and taking 365.1/4 days, i.e. one year. It has been told before that three fourth of the world is water and one fourth is land. These five characteristics exist in the world, such as sound, touch, appearance, solution and smell.