Hasan Kabir Posted Date : 2014-08-31 04:17:16
New relationships will be created and in the same manner sudden opportunities will appear in an                                             unthinkable   way every now and then. Good relationships with man will prevail, enemies will turn into friends—  http://www.rajeshshori.com/Troilokko-Mani 
Hasan Kabir Posted Date : 2014-08-31 04:19:08
The sudden loss of business and wealth will be averted (by the grace of the Almighty Allah). The connection of kingly fate will be active especially if anyone is earnest in politics.--  Many mysteries created by the Creator exist in the world as Charisma or miracle. Troilokko Mani is such a rare miracle (Subhanallah),  --  details--  http://www.rajeshshori.com/Troilokko-Mani


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