Farmland according to vastushastra

Men are very much busy with their business and profession in the modern age and most of the time they remain in the big towns, those are densely populated and to get a little relief from this worry they want to go the village or any rural area where they can get an abundant free air and natural auspiciousness. They see the fruit gardens, farm land of different crops and vegetable, they find the beauty of green, they find the livestock and poultry firm and in such position an willingness created among them to construct a Bungalow amidst these abundant greens. Sometimes there remain small ponds in which they see the moving fishes, ducks and etc. There may be a swimming pool. At present such farm houses have been transformed to holiday resorts.
Vastu Shastra has some instructions in regards of these farm houses. Vacant space should be reserved at the north and east side of such farm house as much as possible. It will be good if there are doors at the east and north direction. If there is a swimming pool then the same will be at the east and north side. Swimming pool at the middle must not be done.
Kitchen will be at the south-east side. Dining space will be at the west side of the kitchen. Living room will be at the south-west or at the west and south side. While sleeping head will remain to the south, east or west direction.
Toilet will be at the north-west or south-west side. If the toilet is done at the south-west side then corner of the south-west side will have to keep vacant. It is not wise to make the toilet at the north-east side.
More space or windows will have to me kept at the east and north side. It will be better if those remain at the north and south side. It will be auspicious if there is small highland at the south-west side.
The instructions which are given for a homestead are all applicable in respect of farm land according to Vastu Shastra.