East facing shop

East facing shop gives good result. This type shop also will have to make leaving a space from east boundary wall. Entrance in the shop will have to keep at the place left out in the east side. Sitting arrangement will have to make for the owner of the shop at the south-west corner of the shop. While sitting position face of the shop owner will remain towards east.
In such shops entrance of the customers will remain at the north-east side of the east or north. Photograph of the saints and Gods goddess may be placed at the north-west and west facing of west side of the shop and also worshipping may be held there.
If the owner of the east facing shop conducts business sitting at the south-east corner then the same will be inauspicious. In such position there will fear from enemy, theft, fire, accident will remain and even the health of the shop owner may also fall. So the shop owner of the shop must sit far from south-east corner.