Different type of fingers

The fingers are the index of the type of palm. So the fingers are to be studied carefully before anything.
White closing the hand, if the fingers cover the whole palm, they are considered long. Another method is to measured form its base crease to its top, People with long fingers likes to know details in all matters. They exercise restraint. They worry about small things. They should not lend money as they may not be able to recover it in difficult situations, they become over worried. They are sensitive about their self-respect and sometimes miss major points while concentrating on minor ones. They generally simple-minded and can be led astray by cunning persons; but if their fingers are long and thin, they cannot be easily cheated. When the fingers are ling, the height of the person, his hands and head are also long.
Short fingers indicate impulsiveness and quickness. They are hasty, frank in speech and more sensual. If the fingers are thick and short, they are selfish and cruel.
If the Fate Line and fingers are thick and the Jupiter finger is smaller than the Sun finger, the person may earn money by foul means.
Short, fat and pointed fingers show normal sensuality. Short, thick and clusmsy fingers indicate selfishness and cruelty.
When the base phalanges are thick and puffy, the persons are fond of good food, drinks and enjoyment. Self-interest is foremost in their mind.
Stiff fingers belong to a person who is rigid and strict in his principals. If the thumb is also stiff and the Mount of Mars is raised, he can commit murder on provocation against his wishes.
When fingers are bent towards the palm, the person is selfish, coward and suspicious. Out bent fingers belong to a person who is talkative, incapable of keeping a secret and jovial.
Thin fingers belong to a kind, sympathetic and helpful person but one who is suspicious, whereas thick fingers show lack of intelligence but, if the fingers are thick as well as long, they mitigate the weakness show by long fingers.
Fingers with develop joints show a tendency to analyze and go into detail of everything. Knots on short fingers reduce impulsive and hasty trends.
First knots indicate order in ideas and second knots order in material object. First knots show over cautiousness and meticulous care in everything and second knots organized setting of things. When both knots are developed, a person becomes a boring and difficult to live with. When the third joints of the knuckle are even, the person is very careful about his health and neatness, if uneven, especially the first and the fourth, the person is careless about cleanliness, punctuality and health.
When the knots are not developed the fingers look smooth and beautiful, such persons are impulsive and quick and does not use reason to the desired extent. But if the fingers have square-tips or the hand is square and the thumb is stiff and straight, their impulsiveness is reduced.
When fingers gradually taper from the base to the tip, the person lacks a constructive and practical attitude to live and becomes imaginative. In this case, the Line of the Head, the Mount of Moon and the thumb are to be examined.