Determination of usable & the best land

Square and rectangular shape land will have to select to construct house. Such land will contain each angle of 90 degree. Following Picture illustrated as Ka is the example of the ideal land.
While selection of land using compass (magnetic) to determine direction this will have to be observed that the land becomes with the location and direction as shown in picture Ka. If the location of the land becomes like picture Kha then the land is not favorable to construct house. If the direction is proper then house may be constructed following the method and decision of the Vastu Shastra. The land which is not ideal in shape house may be constructed there according to proper plan after revision as per Vastu Shastra.
If directions of any land are not in proper position and remains 15 degree to 20 degree distance (Picture-Ga) that land is not favorable and houses should not be constructed without Vastu revision and plan to that effect.
Some times it is observed that some directions of a land are according to Vastu Shastra, but at the north-east side remains cut (Picture Gha and Picture-Uma). House construction should not be done on such land. Because such land is inauspicious for the buyer. Again if the some sides of a land are according to Vastu Shastra, but north-east is extended (Picture-Cha and Picture Chha) then house construction on the said land is auspicious. House owner will achieve wealth. The land whose cut part at the north-east is possible to revise according to Vastu Shastra, house may be constructed on that land (Picture Ja, Jha).
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It is unusual to get same measurement of even land always to construct house. While making the house that place will have to be made according to Sthan. Direction identified through is not uneven, but made according to method of the Vastu Shastra (Picture Ka, Kha, Ga) shall be examined.
Subject to change of high and low places of the land according to Vastu Shastra the same will have to be purchased. If there is any high mound at the east or west of the land and the same is almost not possible to remove through digging and there remains big ditches or holes at the south or west which is difficult to fill in then such land should not buy. It has been shown in the picture that the north east side of the land is extended (Picture Gha). Persons living in such houses become reputed and respected. Such land should be purchased.
According to picture (picture Uma and picture Cha) land extended to south-east and south west is not auspicious. It is better not to take such land. In the same way land extended to any direction except north-east is not auspicious