Character from fingers trips

Round Tips: He is social, has a happy disposition and literary taste.
Square tips: The fingers are also square on all sides and terminate in the form of a rectangle.
Square finger-tips denote regularity, order, foresight and perseverance of character. When the finger-tips are square, the subject has a practical and business-like temperament. His life pattern is one of routine. He can be a good businessman, office or sportsman.
Conic tips: Tapering fingers having a cone-shaped enging are called conic tips. The person is sensitive and artistic but easy-going, moody and not strong in physique.
Pointed tips: Pointed tips on smooth fingers show a person who lives in the world of imagination. He is not hardworking and practical in this work and outlook.
Spatulate tips: The fingers end in a semi-circle formation like a spatula. The subject is energetic, self-confident and active and likes excitement in life. Such hands are common in the U.S.A. Britain and Japan and the possessor is physically sturdy.
Mixed tips: All the fingers if the hand are not usually of one type. The little finger is generally pointed and the second and the third are square of spatulate. The characteristics are, therefore, mixed.
When the finger-tips have a fleshy pad inside, the person is emotional and sensitive to his environment, attractive and appreciates nature’s beauty in every form. He possesses a fine organism and is easily irritated.
If there is space between the first and the second fingers, the person is independent in thought; if between the second and the third, he is unconventional; and, if between the third and the fourth, he has freedom of action and self-reliance.
If there is no space between the fingers, the person does not allow money to pass through his hands, i.e., he accumulates and saves money space shows his earnings are spent away. He is independent and revolutionary and interferes in other’s affairs. A v-shape gap between the Saturn and Sun fingers shows risk of imprisonment.
Medically, the first finger denotes the respiratory system and stomach, the second finger the intestines and liver, the third blood circulation and the fourth the private parts, feet and gonads.
Generally, all the fingers are not evenly set in the hand when the hand is long and the fingers are thin and there is an arch in the middle of the hand. If the slope is towards the Mount of mercury, the person is unable to carry out his ideas and if it is towards the Mount of Jupiter, he is unfair in his dealings.
When the Mercury finger is low set, a difficult approach to life is implied. The person is shy to display his emotions and discuss his problems openly. When the Jupiter and Mercury fingers are low set, the person lacks both self-confidence and self-esteem.
When all the fingers are in one line, a rate formation, the person achieves unparalleled worldly success. Even when the second ad third fingers are in a straight line, the person is sure to rise in life.