Caretaking of gem stones

Any material if taken proper care then its longevity, brightness and beauty remain well and good. The same in case of gemstone. If proper care is not taken the stones become like general dirty materials absent of merits of stones. At the same time its inner spirit also becomes lost.
In order to protect valuable ornaments from being damaged some particular care is taken. Accordingly some special cares are also needed to take care and use of gemstones. The reader might have known that the size of precious stones do of the shape of general rocks. Generally, we are accustomed with comparatively small precious gemstones. Reasonably, considering size and value these precious gemstones are kept in small boxes to facilitate protection and carrying from one place to another. In these perspectives some defects in use and protection system have been observed by the person’s experts and experienced in stones. Now we shall make the readers acquainted with such protection systems of old age and modern age those have been achieves as a result of long period experience.
It observed that in traditional systems different precious stones are kept in heap in small box. At present period many persons follow this traditional system. But this system is not correct and proper. Because hardness, brightness, chemical qualities and colors of different stones are different. Due to keeping these different stones in the one box in heap it is not impossible to happen chemical reaction between all these stones. So, considering these aspects the stones should be kept separately according to its class and qualities. A small quantity of cotton or tissue should be used in each box to keep separate the different stones kept in the same box, so that no external change in size does not happen. The most appropriate process to keep is that each of the stone be covered with necessary cotton or tissue paper and then to be kept in boxes. The number of stones will not be so much in the same box as it may overlap others. There remains possibility of being broken or cracked of the stones.
Simultaneously the protector will have to take care of another thing and it is that imitation, synthetic or doublet stones must not be kept in the same container. Because the natural stones always according to their own merits become influenced by the cosmic rays. Synthetic, imitation or doublets are unable to be influenced according to same ratio. On the other hand though there is color similarity between these two types of stones, but its hardness, brightness, chemical qualities refractive index are different in a large extent. Due to same reason imitation and natural stones should not be kept in the same container. Mainly the moisture of air is treated to be the cause of permanent destroyer of any materials in the world. The moisture of the air may damage the brightness of the stones and at the same time high ray can also do the same. Fire, soap, hot oil, water are not helpful to keep the quality of the stone. Color, brightness of the stones becomes destroyed slowly with the touch of these things.
It is not desired that the stone be kept in touch of water. The extent you will keep in touch soap, water and oil, to the same extent its brightness will diminish. Particularly he diamonds will loss its color and brightness each time it will come to contact with water and after some days you will find your stone to be a rock only. The same is the case in respect of diamond.
Stones are not only the expression of increasing beauty, taste and delicacy. According to scripture it also acts to prevent inauspicious act of planet, brings good luck and also helpful to remove diseases.