Brahmasthan or center place

Dividing place of the land is called Brahmasthan. 81 span, 9 barga, which are remaining just surrounding the navel place of Vastupurush, that place is called Brahmasthan.
The important places which are existing according to ‘Mayamtam’ have been termed as ‘Marma’. These are some types of line which are remaining from north to south and from east to west. North and south line has been termed as ‘Nari’ and east to west line has been told ‘Bangsha’. If straight line is drawn through diagonal direction then the same will be ‘Konesutra’. While construction of house protection of these is necessary.
According to Brihadsanghita the diagonal straight line meets there and middle place of the ‘Bargas’ are very important places. Under no circumstances this place should be hurt. So Brahmasthan and Saktisthal will have to be protected.
 Procedure to keep Brahmasthan or center point in the residence :
Brahmasthan or Kendrasthan (center point) should be kept clean as much as possible and if possible the Brahmasthan will remain under the open sky.
Under no circumstances the Brahmasthan can be used as keeping pillar, well, or garbage.
The places which will remission keeping the Brahmasthan open, social event may be happened there.
Small houses where open space keeping is not at all possible that can be made a living room and in the middle of the room there should not be any furniture.
Design of residential complex or apartment will have to be done in such way that Brahmasthan can be kept vacant and none will move through there.
Brahmasthan or Center point of factory and office :
Brahmasthan of the factory can be kept as ‘lawn’ or compound. If possible then in the middle place small flower tree or Tulshi (BASIL) tree garden can be made.
Well and pump will not be made in Brahmasthan. Nothing heavy can even be kept temporarily there.
In the office Brahmasthan may be made a garden. Brahmasthan should be kept well decorated. It is better to decorate the place with beautiful small trees. If necessary Brahmasthan may be used as conference room. There will be meetings, conference sometimes, but no heavy chair and table shall be kept there.
In this regards this may be mentioned that it is possible to achieve peace and wealth if the Brahmasthan is used in the way it has been advised.
This is to inform at the last that Brahmasthan and Marmasthan of the house is sensitive like the Marmasthan of the human body. For this reason no abuse things, i.e. garbage, shoe should be kept there and at the same time the place should not be used for any construction work that requires making hole and placing iron the there.