About Vastu

What is the meaning of VASTU:
It is a word derived from Sanskrit language. It’s root word is Vas and Tun is a suffix. This is the linguistic etymology of `Vastu` which means—an art of house construction, built by a human being. Not only living house, Industry, office, Factory are also a Vastu.Remember Every Creation is a VASTU.It also protects a building from obstacles, natural calamities & upheavals. In fact,Vastu is the name of five elements, like Earth, Water, Space, Air, and Wind, which remain united in a laid down proportion &ratio. Because proper balance amongst these five elements generates ‘Bio-electric magnetic energy’ which bestows excellent health, wealth, prosperity and comforts. About 6000 years ago, Vastu science was in a advance stage during the ancient era. Some critics says that Vastu Science became popular & prevalent only a decade ago, which is not a factual conclusion. I was learned Vastu Shastra at the age of 14th, and professionally practicing since 1990 to still now. According my practical Experience, Origin of Vastu Science is motivated by the spirit of welfare of humanity and justification of Life. Some people generally are found interested to know what is the utility and justification of Vastu and its applicability as they are living in rented houses, and also that they will remain free from damaging impact of defective Vastu. I advise such inquisitive people may be asked if there is a hole in a boat, whether it’s owned or rented by the travelers. It will equally harm all the boaters, whether they are owners or not. In the similar matter, if Vastu of a house is faulty, it will cast its ill impact on all the inmates who dwell in such a house and in hurdling matters whether they are tenants or owners in the house, as calamities do not distinguish between an owner and a tenant. So, great attention should be paid to Vastu rules in residential houses, whether the occupant is an owner or a tenant.
The Five Elements:
Vastushastra refers to energy fields that govern the EARTH. These energy fields can provide harmony or disturbed conditions and are believed to flow through structures in a positive or negative manner. These energy fields are also having a direct impact on the lives of those using these spaces.
In this context, the position of a plot, the direction it faces, the layout of the ground plan of a building and surrounding geographical features are crucial to the activating on energy fields.
As electricity has its electro- stress, similarly these earth energies have their effect, which is termed'earth-stress' or 'geopathic stress'. These are the result of phenomena emanating from the Earth itself, for it has its own electro magnetic grid.
Through various studies, it has been discovered that in many cases of human illness and disease in animals, plants and tress were related to underground fissures and streams of water emitting energy vertically to the surface.
Unusually high levels of natural electric currents occur where underground water fissures cross at different levels. The earth energies emanate in grids can be taken care of and healthy livable zone can be provided.
Air is the give of life. Without air we cannot survive. The great spriritual person sages practiced meditation and managed to stay without food and water for long periods, but air was still a must . It is, therefore,but natural that we should pay some more attention to its deteriorating quality before it is too late.
Air is the most voluminous of all our surrounding and a component of the Five Basic Elements of the Universe. It is composed of a mixture of gases, water vapor, dust particles and other lightweight suspended polluting agents.
The human being in order to survive breaths this very air which is then, continuously in exchange with the is inside us.And all the admixtures are constantly being diposited on our skin pores ther by blocking them and also on our cilia and lung alveoli gradually choking us to death. This kind of achoking system gradually deteriorates our breathing capacity or lung efficiency leading to chronic respiratory ailments. The temperature and humidity level of our insides.
The question that now arises is how do we control the air quality around us. We need to avoid polluting agents as much as possible so that the air remains free of dust,smoke from combustion of fuel, chemical vapors from synthetic materials and chemical reactions, and electromagnetic radiations from all electrical gadgets that surround us. Ironically,90% of the electrical pollution indoors is from appliances used for human comfort such as fans, lights air conditioners to modify the internal temperature and humidity.
Let us now see how carefully were the tenets of Vastu Shastra crafted so that the elements of the building would themselves take care of human comfort and the air quality inside. I have list some of the principal of building elements and design parameters one by one in the following sequences.
1. Activity Layout
2. Aromas
3. Cluster planning, for more information on all
4. Colors
5. Court Yards
6. Fenestration
7. Materials
9. Open space in to periphery
10. Orientation
11. Plan from
12. Roof from
13. Topography
14. Vegetation
15. Water bodies