About Palmistry

Palmistry is a science of great antiquity and its origin may be said to be lost in the womb of ages. When and where it took its origin is uncertain but Chaldea, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and China_ these are the nations where it was widely known and practiced by and large.
Curiosity to know in advance, what fortune or misfortune is stored for self in future is a common human trait. Although it is instinctive in us, it may vary in degrees depending upon one’s own temperament and self-constituted will power; total absence of this tendency is rare and that too is questionable. From ancient times, there gad been a number of brunches Futurology in vogue, but those which could earn popularity and stand the deliberate attack of the rationalists were Astrology and Palmistry. For the sake of avoiding tedious, complicated, unintelligible calculations of Astrology and interpretations of Palmistry, being many a time beyond human reasoning, owing to the erratic deviations of the lines of palms. Numerology was easily acceptable by the masses.

It can not be denied that scientists had and continue to have, till today, their triumphant march in revealing Nature's secrets. Inspite of this they are not very complacent. This is because Nature is so richly equipped with secrets, that hardly a section of it is fractionated. At the same time nature has many surprises in store for us. Everything, therefore, does not necessarily work according to scientists' calculations, although it would be declared with supreme confidence. Palmistry, just as Astrology, Numerology is a definite science based on a detailed study and experience with perfect reasoning, of those who advocated in the past. One of the common charges made of Palmists is that either they are badly instructed or are past masters. Logically this sounds absurd. This is because a palmist, who can speak of the past of a stranger correctly and convincingly, certainly can foretell the future events too. This is a good reason to believe that a true palmist possesses a fair amount of knowledge on the subject. His interpretation on the basis of the deviation of lines is truly faultless.
There should be same and rational approach to knowing the future what one should try to know and what one should not from the Palmist. For example, it is useless for a student to go to an astrologer to know whether he will succeed in the examination without actually and sincerely preparing himself for it. The occult science of palmistry or astrology should be judiciously used for the benefit of humanity. When an astrologer or a palmist does not follow any ethical, social and moral code of conduct, his faculty intuition does not shine or come into action. He ultimately suffers for his greed and male fide intention. Therefore code of conduct has been formulated by the sages of yore to the practicing palmists and astrologers which if followed totally will be beneficial to the querist as well as to the fortune-tellers.
The practicing Palmist should observe all the rules prescribed in the Yogasastra. He should be an expert in the science of breath, must be able to interpret the chestas which are three fold. He should have expert knowledge of omens. He must have learnt the Puranas and History, must be strict follower of truth; he must be kind and considerate and above all, he must have a contented heart.
This is in short a true picture of a real and good astrologer of yester years. But now-a-days the attitude towards astrology or palmistry having been changed the practicing astrologers depend mostly on theory and less on experience or Parampara (Family Tradition).